Our Summer Bucket List

Oh how we love summer! The nights are longer, the days are warmer, and we want to make every moment last. From trying something new, to going on that vacation we’ve been planning, writing down what’s on our summer bucket list will help us-and you!- make sure we partake in all the things we’re really wanting to do!

Photo by Trent Bailey

1. Take a weekend trip to somewhere new

We’re a big fan of Summer Fridays and find ourselves jetting (or roadtripping) off to places we’ve always wanted to go but never quite committed. This summer, we owe it to ourselves to finally make that weekend trip happen! Here’s how we did Napa and Scottsdale! Thinking something more tropical? Check out our travel guide to the Hawaiian islands (and pack us in your bags!)

2. Have our Summer Spotify Playlist on repeat

We did the tough part for you and curated all of our current and past summer jams into one totally rocking playlist. Turn it on while you’re driving with the windows down, on your beach bike ride, or even while you’re getting ready in the morning! 

3. Invest in a new pair of sandals

More days than not during the summer, we transition our sandals from day to night, which means they need to be comfortable! Here are our favorite picks that are actually worth investing in:

4. Grow an herb garden

This is one thing that we say we are going to do every summer and September rolls around and we still haven’t done it! This summer it’s at the top of our list. There’s something so fulfilling about reaching for a few fresh herbs off your balcony or garden to use in a summer recipe (or cocktail.) Added bonus: no more wasting store bought herbs that end up going bad in the fridge.

5. Do a 3 day tech detox

If you’ve been following along with us on our Instagram Stories, we’ve been having so much fun doing a June Wellness Challenge. Keep it going all summer long by choosing 3 days to detox from all technology and really enjoy your surroundings. We think this is something we could all majorly benefit from!

6. Make ice cream cocktails

Need we say more?! The best of both worlds to cool off on a hot summer afternoon.

7. Try a bright lipstick

Let’s make this our most stylish summer yet! Trade out your chapstick or go-to nude lipstick for a brighter hue and you might just be smiling all day long!

8. Collect seashells

Reliving our childhoods and collecting shells is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. Walk along the water with a friend or family member and see if you can bring a handful home with you! We love adding shells from each beach we visit to vases at home as a memory of summertime.

9. Try a new workout class

Summer is the perfect time of year to grab a friend and head to a new workout class! New trends are popping up everywhere in the fitness industry, and trying something new will make the workout go by that much faster 😉

10. Make s’mores

Put a new twist on a summer classic by building a fire pit in your backyard or at the beach. Bring your whole gang for a s’mores night! Our favorite toppings? Peanut butter cups, nutella, or banana! (yes please!)

Photo by Michael & Anna Costa

11. Brunch outside with friends

Our preferred way of eating out in the summertime is anything outdoor! Enjoying a nice view, soaking up some rays, and the most delicious food – what more could you ask for?! We put together a list of 25 of our favorite outdoor restaurants to spend your summer at. Try and check some of these off the list this season with us!

12. Watch fireworks

And not just on the 4th of July! Fireworks scream (audibly) summer to us and are one of our favorite ways to spend the warm nights! Even better, pack a picnic and a bottle of your favorite vino to enjoy while the show goes on.

13. Catch the sunrise instead of the sunset

Don’t get us wrong, we are huge sunset fans and our camera roll consists of mostly sunset pictures, but occasionally, the peacefulness of watching the sunrise is exactly what we need to start our day off right.

14. Treat yourself to a mini spa day

With all the sun, sand, and salt that comes along with summer (we’re not complaining!) sometimes our skin and hair needs a little extra love. Some of our favorite ways to pamper ourselves is a blowout or an at home massage.

15. Host a backyard BBQ

We’re big fans of hosting at home and the summertime makes it that much better! Invite your crew over for some backyard games and have everyone bring their favorite summer dish! The perfect summer recipe to whip up? This cherry quinoa salad!

What are you adding to your bucket list this summer?

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