Boho Chic National Parks & Bunny Inspired Nursery

What do you get when you cross a love of nature, a brand of bunnies, and a new baby? This stunning Boho Chic National Parks & Bunny inspired nursery. As a result, beautiful images of a space where any child would dream of growing up. The bright space is full of personalized details that bring the room to life. Each stuffed animal has a home and every piece of clothing a drawer. IKEA products transformed this space! Find your new nursery inspiration here. Every photo has us falling more in love with the style.

Photographer Ash Baumgartner tells the story behind this beautiful nursery,

A blend. A blend of two parents loves. When Ashley, a photographer, and Jake, a teacher, began to think about how they wanted to design the nooks and crannies of their one-bedroom apartment to make a little space for their coming Ellis Jay, they turned to two things – a blend of what they both love. For Jake, that meant his love of the outdoors, particularly National Parks, with an emphasis on boho style. For Ashley, that meant bunnies (her brand) and some classically chic pieces. Little did they know, Ashley and Jake would soon get the opportunity to design a full room for their little buddy, a dream for so many expecting mothers – and then get to put together their dream IKEA nursery.

What started as a vision for a corner of a one-bedroom apartment, grew into a vision for his room. It would be a room for play, for rest, for fun, for learning, for life, and more. After being gifted a handful of decor items and baby essentials at baby showers, they knew they needed to furnish his room once they moved. They turned to their local IKEA store to grab the essentials from a dresser to a crib, their favorite wall frames, and a few more storage and decor items. Through a partnership with IKEA, they were able to create the nursery of their dreams, a blend of boho and classic elements full of National Parks and bunnies galore.

When it came to furniture, they knew they wanted classic and simple pieces that could grow with Ellis. It was also important to them that these items included safety features such as wall mounts – something that even comes with the dresser – so they can ensure he is safe in his room by himself when he’s older. The crib also converts to a low rise crib and then a toddler bed when he’s ready.

Their favorite elements include the wall frames, his kids stool, the basket for blankets and stuffed animals, and the gold metal accents including his small mirror. They also love his pendant lamp for his reading nook!They are so grateful to have a space for Ellis that feels clean and simple, while also feeling like home. Cozying up to read books about nature and National Parks alongside his stuffed bunny collection might just be their favorite thing. You can have classic, chic, boho, and more all with the staple IKEA nursery pieces.

Any child would find their dreamland in this Boho Chic National Parks & Bunny inspired nursery! Are you looking for a new way to decorate your future nursery? You’ve come to the right place. Find even more inspiration with this Vibrant South Africa Inspired Nursery Tour!

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