Behind the Scenes look at Glory Skincare

Whenever we get the chance to talk to a female entrepreneur we will jump at the opportunity! Today is no different, and we are so excited to share with you all a behind the scenes look at glory skincare, and the amazing women behind the brand, Alisia Ford. Between this girl-boss and her empowering story we know there will be something for everyone to appreciate in this one, not to mention this skincare line is to die for, seriously we tried it!!

What inspired you to start Glory Skincare, and how has the company grown since then?

When I moved to Portland, I did what most people do when they move to a new town, they look for all the similar “essential” shops you had back in your hometown. After 3 years of traveling back and forth to LA to get my hair done, I decided to look for a place to get a facial treatment. I sought out for an esthetician of color that had experience treating melanin-rich skin like mine. After endlessly searching for places in the Portland area, I conducted similar searches in Seattle, Austin, Dallas, etc. and discovered that outside of Los Angeles and New York, there just wasn’t a space for women of color to get skincare needs met. I conducted some research creating a survey and sent it to 50 close friends and family and asked them to share it with their network. Within a week, I had over 300 responses and I used this data and additional research and determined that 70% of women of color don’t feel genuine representation in the skincare industry; have limited access to dermatologists, and lack guidance on what skincare products to use. 

How has the lack of representation and diversity in the beauty industry inspired your company decisions?

Everything we do is with a melanin-forward approach. It is in our DNA as a brand. Women of color should be at the forefront of every touchpoint in skincare and beauty and it starts with us. . Everything we curate and create starts with HER in mind. We value clean beauty, culture, women empowerment, community, and self-care. All are important to me and the team, but most prized is community. I created Glory Cares, because that is how we’ll make a lasting impact in the community. 

What products does your personal Glory Skincare subscription box contain?

The great thing about our subscription boxes is that each box is 100% catered to one’s skincare needs, and is based off of their results taken from our skincare quiz. Our quiz was curated by top skin experts to deliver data-driven results that that tailor to one’s skin type. Based on the results of the quiz, a selection of non-toxic beauty products are chosen to include in a SubscriptionBox

If there was one thing you could tell your younger self what would it be?

If you don’t see a space for yourself, create one. No idea is too big or small, and there is no time like the present to explore hidden passions or talents.

Where do you hope Glory Skincare will be in 10 years, and how can our readers help get you there? 

I see Glory expanding to offer skin care services, possibly having retail stores. I also see us expanding to offer products and services to men and children. I already have the brand names for both categories– but I’d hate to reveal too much, too soon ;). As far as ongoing support, small businesses truly take every purchase, review, and feedback into consideration. We pride ourselves on building a community that is transparent and supportive, so anything from having a repeat customer, to a simple social mention on Instagram means a lot to us. 


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