“Oh My Gourd” We Love Thanksgiving

What makes the holidays most special are the traditions that each family has for them. Thanksgiving is focused around an impeccable feast, while being surrounded by your loved ones and sharing all that you are grateful for. Without a doubt, the Thanksgiving holiday brings about some of our favorite foods. The variations of potatoes, different gravies, and the incredible desserts, just to name a few. Today, we’re sharing an incredible ‘Oh My Gourd’ themed Thanksgiving feast. You’ll find Thanksgiving menu inspiration, as well as decor and tablescape ideas! Read through and share with your friends and family for the upcoming holiday!

The planner shares,

“Oh my gourd have we got a good one for you today! We have entered our Thanksgiving era this year and we are ready! Thanksgiving is such a great holiday with all of the food and the pretty Fall decor! Also, it’s THE entertaining holiday, so it’s definitely one of our favorites. We went with a gourd themed tablescape for this one and used the prettiest green & neutral tones. Check out all of this pretty, it will have you inspired for your own Thanksgiving table!”

Colette’s Catering Thanksgiving Menu included,

Herb Roasted Turkey, with Turkey Gravy + Cranberry Sauce

Sweet Potato Mash, Crispy Sage  

Ciabatta + Cornbread Stuffing, Italian Sausage, Cranberry, Herbs

Seasonal Root Vegetables, Herbs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pumpkin + Classic Cheesecakes 

You might be thinking ‘I can envision my table and the menu, but, what am I going to wear?’ No need to worry, because we also have you covered with the best Fall wardrobe inspiration!

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