7 reasons to throw a team bonding picnic

Team bonding has never been so crucial. Between the larger gaps in between seeing each other, and working through a pandemic together it’s safe to say teams might be ready to hit the pause button. Our team had the opportunity to do just that and it was everything we could have hoped for and more! We teamed up with Hygge Picnic Co. to throw a team bonding picnic, and we have turned into full-blown picnic advocates ever since. So, if you are looking for some reasons why you need to throw a team bonding picnic then look no further.

P.S. this article is “boss” approved so feel free to send this to your hirer up as evidence that your team needs a picnic in their lives! 

.01 – Face to face interaction

If your team is remote, like ours, then being able to reconnect face to face is so important! When you spend so much of your time at a job, it is important to be able to connect with your coworkers in and outside of work!

.02 – Memories that will last

With everything that has happened over the past year and a half, we are pretty much certain we can’t be the only ones that haven’t had many memories with our team. What could be a better way to make them feel appreciated and in love with their job than throwing them a gorgeous picnic?! Take it from us, it won’t disappoint!

.03 – The ambiance is unmatched

If you have never experienced what it’s like to enjoy one of Hygge Picnic Co.’s picnics then we are sorry to say you are missing out. The ambiance of being a part of such a beautiful, thoughtful, and unique picnic is unmatched by any other team bonding experience we have been a part of!

.04 – You can enjoy a view and good food

Did someone say, mini charcuterie board? Ohh boy, we know we just hooked you in and we can confirm this beautiful array of cheeses, crackers and grapes hit the craving after a long day of content planning and brainstorming! Oh, did we touch on the view? Yeah, we didn’t think that needed an explanation either!

.05 – Bonding outside of work is important

We can’t be the only ones that see our coworkers as friends right? Well, if we have learned anything in the past 11 years it’s that nothing makes a team stronger than a great bond outside of work.

.06 – It’s budget-friendly

Compared to traditional team bonding activities this team bonding picnic was a portion of the investment, but worth every penny. Activities like wine-tasting and team trips, just to name a few, can add up and with a smaller team, we want to allocate any team bonding expenses to experiences that truly bring us closer together!

.07 – It’s an excuse to drink wine!

Not that we need an excuse, but oh boy do we love any excuse to drink clean wine! This was the icing on the cake from an already perfect team bonding picnic. We could not recommend this activity enough if you are on the search for what to do next as a team!

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