How To Change Up Your Skincare Routine For Winter

It’s officially the coldest & driest time of the year. So, let’s be honest, your skin probably hates it. We are definitely familiar with the struggle of getting that glow-y skin year round. Today, however, marks the end of that struggle. We are excited to share with you our best tips and tricks on how to change up your skincare routine for the winter season. If you are currently striving to clear your skin, while also making it look dewy & fresh, keep reading!

01. Remember To Moisturize

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We all know that using an effective moisturizer is key to eliminating dry skin. No one wants flakey dehydrated skin, and the winter months makes this even more of a problem. That being said, moisturizing will be your best friend. We don’t just mean in the morning & at night. You should be moisturizing multiple times throughout the day. The consistency will destroy any chances of dry skin. Future you will be grateful!

02. Try Slugging

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Before you freak out and say “What the heck is slugging?”. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with actual slugs.

Slugging is when you apply Aquaphor to your whole face to finish off your nighttime skincare routine. After you have finished washing your face, putting on your favorite moisturizer, and any other products you may be using, the Aquaphor will set it in. Aquaphor significantly enhances the moisture going into your skin, and as a result, makes for a glowy and dewy look. Aquaphor also prevents dry & flakey skin, so it makes for the perfect winter accessory. If your nervous about applying Aquaphor to your face before going to bed… don’t be! Aquaphor doesn’t contain any ingredients that causes breakouts and is a noncomedogenic product. So, if you’re desperate to find that dewy look (especially in winter), try slugging!

03. Put On Your Sunscreen!

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Yes, we know we sound like your mother at the beach….but, she has a point. Sunscreen is just as important for you to wear in the summer time, as it is in the winter time. Even though it may be cloudy, the sun is still strong in the cold months, and the sunscreen will protect you. By putting on daily face sunscreen you will prevent wrinkles, minimize sun damage and keep clear, evenly-toned, and healthier skin.

04. Ditch The Hot Showers

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If you’re looking to clear up your skin & keep it healthy, try ditching the hot showers. Hot showers dry out your skin and increase oil production. Which in turn, causes acne. Try to take showers that aren’t steaming hot, especially if you’re wanting lock in that moisture that you skin so desperately needs.

05. Use Hydration Masks

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Adding a hydration mask to your night-time skincare routine is the perfect way to moisturize your skin. Additionally, these masks prevent blemishes and destroy any current acne you may have. Using a hydration mask will rejuvenate your skin and create that gorgeous glow we all are wanting.

Don’t let the winter season dry you out! To get that healthy glow, try implementing our tips into your skincare routine… you won’t regret it.