Celebrating An Engagement At The Greencrest Manor

What better way to celebrate an engagement than a beautiful picnic?! Spend it at the Greencrest Manor, and you are sure to have yourself a day. Every photograph of this engagement shoot is full love and perfect lighting. We cannot get enough of it! This day is like a great date, but it gets to be with the love of your life. As if that was not enough, this couple has fantastic wardrobe changes that we adore. Looking for engagement shoot inspiration? This is the perfect place to start.

This engagement at the Greencrest Manor is everything,

The inspiration for this engagement shoot planned and designed by Jeannene Lillie Events and captured beautifully by The Fourniers was to celebrate Christine and Tony’s engagement with a stylized picnic and the stunning Greencrest Manor.

During the planning phase, the couple shared that they would love to have included some fruits that are a part of their Vietnamese heritage. When designing the shoot, Jeannene made sure to include some of the following fruits: paloma, papaya, starfruit, dragon fruit, and mango.

Another way this couple honored their Vietnamese heritage was by wearing the traditional Vietnamese outfit. The áo dài, which, for the wedding, is worn by the bride and groom. The bride wears a red one and the groom wears a blue one. They are complete with a matching tiered headpiece, called a khăn vấn. This is sort of an open-top turban made of concentric layers of fabric.

As a way to include their individual relationship, the couple also celebrated some of their favorite hobbies and date night must-haves by bringing along some of their favorite board games and boba tea! Christine and Tony spent their engagement session popping numerous bottles of champagne, wanting through the lush manor gardens, and enjoying a delicious spread of delicious snacks!

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