The Most Overlooked & Forgotten Details When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning can seem never-ending. During this time, it is easy for details to get overlooked & forgotten. That is where we come in! Expert vendors are the best resource for ensuring that none of your important wedding details are left behind. Whether you are planning your own wedding, or helping a friend, these are great ways to make a list you never lose! Continue on to see which ones stand out to you.

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Build some cushion into your wedding budget.

“It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll run into some hidden fees or other unexpected expenses, so make sure to give yourselves a cushion. We recommend using about 5% of your total budget as a buffer to cover any unanticipated costs.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

Prepare for an inbox explosion.

“You may want to consider creating a separate email address specifically for your wedding, because all the e-newsletters, wedding show follow-ups, vendor correspondence, etc. can get pretty overwhelming. It’s much easier to have it all in one place – where both you and your fiancé can access it – without having it clutter up your main inbox.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

Choose delivery options whenever possible.

“Planning a wedding requires a lot of coordination, and scheduling a million deliveries. But sometimes you forget about yourself, and that means picking up your suit or tuxedo before the wedding. Don’t worry, now you can get that delivered too! With new online options you can plan the wedding looks for you and your entire wedding party online, and get them delivered to everyone weeks before the wedding. No more panic attacks when you realize you didn’t schedule your suit pick up the day before the wedding if you get it delivered directly to you!” – Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing, Generation Tux

Factor in plenty of time for your gown order – and alterations!

“Unless you purchase a perfectly fitted and ready-to-go gown, you’ll need to begin your dress search 9-12 months in advance of the big day. To be safe, you’ll want to allow 6-8 months to receive a custom-made dress. And leave plenty of cushion for alterations, with your first dress fitting scheduled at least 3 months out.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

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Keep vendor contact information on hand.

“Use a service like Google Drive to keep a running list of all your vendors along with their contact information, in case you need to get in touch with them quickly (or on the go!). These files are hosted online, can be shared with anyone, and can be accessed anywhere from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

Ensure your vendors receive a meal.

“Don’t forget to report how many vendors will be staying for the duration of your event to ensure they will get a vendor meal! Your vendor team works hard to bring your wedding vision to life, often enduring 12+ hour shifts with little to no break. Make sure you devote a small portion of your planning to them and ensure they are well-fed during your event so they can perform at their best for you! This small gesture goes a long way (and is often a required part of a vendor contract) – so don’t forget them!” – Alexandra Denniston, Owner & Lead Planner, Eventlightenment Planning

Check with your venue on décor limitations.

“You may love how sparklers look in photos, but many venues just don’t want to deal with the fire hazard. Your barn wedding venue could use some sprucing up, but they may not allow you to hang anything from the rafters. And rice is no longer thrown during weddings because birds can choke on it! Read your venue contract carefully and talk with your venue manager about the vision you have for your wedding as there may be restrictions on what you can and can’t include.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

Create a must-have photo list!

“I recently got married and after two COVID cancellations, you would think I would have had all the details completely knuckled out! The best piece of advice I would give is to have a list of photos you would like taken with certain guests, and pass this to your photographer. We absolutely adore our photos but there are some guests we missed out on photos with that we would have loved to have as treasured memories!” – Kristy Breed, Director, Le Rose Stories

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Have an RSVP-tracking strategy in place.

“The struggle with tracking RSVPs is real, people! You’d be surprised by how many guests will fail to write their names on the RSVP reply card. All you’ll know is that 2 people are coming, and they both want the salmon. To circumvent this problem, write a little number on the back of your RSVP cards that corresponds to your own numbered guest list. That way you’ll know who each reply card belongs to.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

A “thank you” for your bridesmaids.

“They’ve been your right hand girls through it all – finding your perfect dress, planning showers and bachelorettes, and a listening ear for those stressed-out-bride moments. Now it’s time to thank them with a gift they’ll actually want to use beyond the wedding day. The Crew Apparel Co. takes the classic robe to the next level, with beautiful prints, modern lettering, and the softest peachskin jersey fabric. They’re photo-worthy while sipping a glass of bubbly on the wedding morning, and the perfect piece to lounge in after the big day. Total comfort combined with effortless style. Paired with one of their coordinating totes or oversized makeup bags, they’re ideal for keeping the essentials in one place on the wedding day, and everyday. Total #giftgoals for your girls.” – Caryn Leith, Founder + CEO, The Crew Apparel Co.

The overall timeline of the day.

“Another detail that’s often overlooked is the timeline of the day. What time do you need to be at the ceremony venue? When will the reception start and end? Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready and build in some buffer time in case there are any delays! For example, your makeup artist could arrive late for your appointment because of traffic. Things happen, so you need to be prepared. It’s also a good idea to communicate your timeline to your wedding party and key vendors so that everyone is on the same page.” – Allie Calzada, Allie the Wedding Officiant LLC

Bring your MOH to the final fitting.

“Or whoever will be bustling your dress. They’ll learn how to do it and get a bit of practice at your final fitting, so that it won’t take as long (or be as stressful!) on the day of.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

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Have backup plans.

“One of the most important details to remember is making sure you have a solid backup plan. What if it rains on your wedding day? What if there’s a power outage at the reception venue? Having a plan B (and even a plan C!) will help to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch, no matter what.” – Allie Calzada, Allie the Wedding Officiant LLC

Put together a wedding-day emergency kit.

“This is a small makeup bag filled with “just in case” items that can fix most of those little wedding-day problems. Got a pounding headache pre-ceremony? Pop an Advil. Corner of your eyelash coming unglued? Whip out that tube of DUO. Did you spill some red wine or bust a seam? Luckily you’ve packed some Shout Wipes and a mini sewing kit! From double-sided tape to deodorant, an emergency kit can be a real lifesaver on the big day.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

If you are planning to assign seats for your reception, don’t forget about a way to direct guests to their tables.

“Whether it is table numbers or creative table names. No matter if you are customizing something or just doing something simple, this is a necessity if you are going to assign seating at your reception and could become problematic if you don’t have a method planned ahead of time.” – Alexandra Denniston, Owner & Lead Planner, Eventlightenment Planning

Bring along your rings and marriage license.

“Many couples forget one (or both) of these items on the day of. Sure, your wedding is going to be a fun party, but the main point of it is to actually get married. So don’t forget to bring your rings and marriage license to the ceremony, along with a pen so you can sign it!” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

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Friendships and family dynamics.

“Another detail to remember is thinking about certain friendships and family dynamics. If you know that your divorced grandparents don’t get along, it might be a good idea to seat them at separate tables. If you have a Maid of Honor who is prone to drama, try to keep her away from any potential conflict areas. And if you know that your parents have different ideas about how the wedding should go, make sure you sit down with them in advance and come to a compromise.” – Allie Calzada, Allie the Wedding Officiant LLC

Factor in your gratuities to the overall budget.

“Make sure that you include gratuities in your budget so that there’s enough money to set aside later on. Some vendors will include gratuities in their prices, but others may not include them at all, so make sure to look over your contracts. Even if you’ve included gratuities in your wedding budget, it’s easy to forget about them on the big day. Have the tips ready to go in labeled envelopes. Then, have a trusted individual such as your wedding planner, Maid of honor, etc. to pass the tips out on the wedding day.” – Anna Rodenbeck, Co-Founder & Lead Coordinator, Whitehead + Co.

Designate someone for “wedding photo round-up” duty.

“During your formal portraits, it’ll be handy to have a close friend or family member in charge of gathering together the necessary VIPs for their photos.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide

Bring along some comfy shoes.

“Yes, your Jimmy Choos are magnificent. But no, they’re not exactly dance-floor friendly. Bring along a fun pair of Converse or cute-but-comfy wedges so you can dance the night away without being crippled by blisters.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes The Guide