6 Must-Try Restaurants in LA

Whether you’re a visitor, a native or a new resident of Los Angeles, you can never have too many restaurants on your list. This wonderland is overflowing with good eats and we have made it our life mission to hit up as many places as possible. If you’re anything like us, the overall ambience makes for an unforgettable eating experience and restaurants in LA do not disappoint when it comes to setting the mood and atmosphere. This micro list of restaurants in LA doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the amazing places to sit and grub, but we hope a few of these catch your eye! From classic Japanese dishes to California cuisine we are certain that these restaurants in LA will satisfy every craving.

Margot – Culver City

Not only does this place have tasty dishes, but it is also at the center of our vision board for “Dream Home Inspo”. This rooftop spot offers delicious brunch & dinner options (super plant-based friendly, too!) while overlooking downtown Culver City.

Our recs: potatoes bravas & poached eggs + polenta

Neighbor – Venice

You can’t go wrong with any spot on Abbot Kinney Blvd., but this place has definitely got to be one of our favorite backyard spots! Bottom line, we come for the beautifully decked out back patio, and we stay for the avocado toast.

Our recs: dry aged burger & Oaxacan spritz cocktail

Jon & Vinny’s – Fairfax

Jon & Vinny’s is absolutely never a bad idea. This place is always buzzing with people, and there’s always high energy in there that makes eating there worth the long wait (pro-tip, make a reservation..you’ll thank us later)!

Our recs: You have not lived until you’ve had the spicy fusili pasta & roman gladiator pizza

Fia Restaurant – Santa Monica

It’s no secret that we love a good back patio, so it should be no surprise that we love Fia so much! Whether you are looking for a good brunch place or a nice evening bite, this is your place. Their lush outdoor seating area sets a relaxing tone, and all of their dishes are made to share which is perfect for group outings!

Our recs: huevos rancheros & bad company cocktail

Botanica – Silverlake

For those of you looking for healthy options when eating out, we couldn’t have dreamt up a better place than Botanica! All of their ingredients are locally sourced, and they pride themselves on serving the freshest of meals with no refined sugars, processed foods or products of industrial agriculture and aquaculture. You truly taste the quality in every bite, and their seasonal menus are the reason we keep coming back for more!

Our recs: morning mezze & spiced lamb kabobs

The Ramen Joint – Westchester

There is nothing cozier than a hot bowl of ramen, and this little joint (not taking any credits for this one, it’s literally in the restaurant title) is truly a hidden LA gem! We have no problem leaving this place absolutely stuffed and all of the ramen options are totally customizable with the best fix-ins. For those of you who love to live on the dangerous side, we highly recommend taking the spicy route when ordering your bowl!

Our recs: shoyu tonkotsu (extra spicy) & shrimp spring rolls


We’re not drooling, you are! Any of these hot spots catch your eye? Have you been to any? Let us know on Instagram at @inspiredbythis. If you loved this list, you’ll love these places in Los Angeles to hit up for happy hour too!

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