Indoor Winter Activities To Keep The Kids Busy

Recently diagnosed with cabin fever? Don’t worry. We know it’s hard to keep the kids entertained in the winter months. Especially if you are working from home, having the little ones on winter break can be a full-time job. If you’re struggling to keep them occupied, keep reading. On the blog today, we have come up with five indoor winter activities to keep the kids busy. Don’t just take our word for it; try these activities out, and thank us later!

01. Have A Board Game Day

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If you want to have some great family bonding time, a board game night is perfect. Grab some snacks, blankets and get comfortable… because you may be here a while. Whether it’s a simple card game or a 4 hour long game of monopoly, your kids will be having the time of their lives!

02. Build A Blanket Fort

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No matter how old you get, blanket forts are always a fun way to spend an evening. The best part is….you have everything you need to build a fort right at home! All you need is chairs, pillows, and of course, plenty of blankets. Have your kids pick out their favorite movies and prepare yourself for the movie marathon of a lifetime!

03. Have A Baking Day

Image via Rae Ann Kelly

It’s pretty much a given that kids are huge fans of sweets. Prepare to make the day even sweeter, and bake everyone’s favorite treats. It’s always a fun time in the kitchen, and decorating the desserts will be the cherry on top!

04. Paint Snow

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If you are lucky enough to be graced with snow this season, you have to take advantage of it. First, grab some spray bottles and fill them with water and food coloring. From there, you can make a contained mess and grab some snow from outside. Place the snow on some plates, set up a painting station, and begin spraying!

05. Make Snow Globes

Image via @dollartreeclassrooms

If your kids are the artsy type, they’ll be swooning over this activity. Snow globes are mesmerizing on their own, but making them yourself? Even better. For this activity, all you’ll need is a jar, superglue, glitter, plastic figurines, and a glue gun. Once you have your supplies, read these instructions, and you’ll be on your way to the cutest snow globe ever!

Whether you’re going stir crazy or just looking for some fun indoor activities, your kids will appreciate it. Don’t get too discouraged by the winter snow; indoor activities can be just as fun!