Holiday Crafts for Kids

As winter break approaches you’re probably looking for ways to keep your kids entertained in their time off. These simple crafts are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit with minimal supplies and minimal messiness ?. We gathered all the best holiday crafts for kids that your little ones will love; they will leave everyone happy and busy enjoying this time of year!

1. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Holiday Crafts for Kids
via Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Making a mason jar into a snow globe is the perfect gift that any kid can craft! Get creative and use different figurines so that each snow globe is one-of-a-kind!

2. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Holiday Crafts for Kids
via Wholefully

We love these cookie cutter ornaments because this is where your kids can get really creative! Between the color of the dough, the shape of the cutter, and how they want to decorate the top, you’re sure to have a festive Christmas tree! (Also did we mention it’s the perfect snack!)

3. Classic Coffee Filter Snowflakes

via Parents

You probably have all these supplies in your house which makes it one of the best crafts to do while it’s snowing outside. Coffee filter snowflakes are effortless and sure to keep your kids entertained. By having your kids try out new designs and colors, this craft will help bring the holiday cheer to your home!

4. Christmas Slime

Holiday Crafts for Kids
via The Best Ideas for Kids

Slime seems to be the hot new trend kids are loving these days and we promise this one won’t leave too much of a mess. These reindeers make for cute decor above a fireplace or in their room and the slime is a great way to keep your kids entertained beyond the holidays!

5. Stockings

Holiday Crafts for Kids
via Woman’s Day

Handcrafting your stocking is the perfect keepsake for years ahead. We recommend doing this as a family craft to really get into the holiday spirit. A handmade stocking is a  great way to put all of your family’s creativity on display.

6. Peppermint Bowls

via Purl Soho

Not only will this craft leave your house smelling like a winter wonderland, but it’s also the perfect way to leave your cookies out for Santa (and treats for everyone else)!

7. Holiday Pallet Signs

via The Crafted Sparrow

It’s time to break out the paint! Hang these on the wall or add them as an ornament to your Christmas tree! These easy-to-make pallet signs are sure to make your house feel more festive!

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