The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Lake Havasu

Arizona is home to many amazing tourist hotspots and Lake Havasu is one of them. This hidden gem is tucked away into the depth of the desert and is full of hot sun and big shiny waters. This is the ultimate guide to visiting Lake Havasu. Ready to make all your boating dreams come true? Then keep reading for this Lake Havasu travel guide!


The best way to start your trip to Lake Havasu is to rent a boat. There are many different types of boats for the different types of activities and experiences you might be seeking!

A pontoon boat is the best choice for a lounging experience and docking at the local coves and beaches. A waterskiing and wake boarding boat is best if you are into water-sports and want to give waterskiing and/or wake boarding a try! The third option is a bowrider boat. This is a type of boat that has a seating area in the forward part of the ship, the bow. Bow riders are generally designed for recreational use, such as day cruising or water skiing. This is a good mix of the first and second options mentioned above.

Some great places to rent a boat in Lake Havasu City include:

Nautical Watersports Boat Rentals

Paradise Wild Wave Boat Rentals

Rentals On The Beach


Places to take your boat in Lake Havasu :

Bridgewater Channel: Every day at the Bridgewater Channel is practically a boat parade. With lots of waterfront shops and restaurants, this is a great place to dock and hang out for the day.

Lighthouses: Lake Havasu is known for having the most lighthouses on any inland body of water – so cool right?! Each lighthouse is a unique replica of famous lighthouses from all parts of the country. This is definitely a must see!

Copper Canyon: Copper Canyon is considered to be the number one hang out spot of Lake Havasu. The views are breathtaking and the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. Bring your boat and enjoy the relaxation, here!

The Sandbar: The Sandbar is the “beach” of Lake Havasu. In the peak of summertime, it can bring as many as 500 or more boats to hang out for the day.


When it comes to finding a place to stay in Lake Havasu, your options are endless. However, we have put together a few good places to consider in Lake Havasu City.

The Nautical Beachfront Resort

London Bridge Resort

Travelodge by Wyndham Lake Havasu

Lastly, you have to make a pit stop at Pirate Coast Resort! Enjoy some delicious drinks in a “bucket” and some good eats during your stay, or on your way out of town.

We hope you consider staying in this sunshine city and using our ultimate guide Lake Havasu to plan your stay in the near future. If you are looking for other places to vacation, consider our domestic travel bucket list to plan your next trip!