Urbanology Designs’ Elevated Office Remodel

Make your workspace feel like home? That is one way to get people to come into the office. Urbanology Designs has transformed a worn-down firehouse into the office of many people’s dreams. “Rooted in simplicity. Elevated by beauty,” is even their slogan. This tells you everything you need to know. There is a new detail to find in each glance of this elevated office remodel.

The story behind Urbanology Designs’ elevated office remodel,

This office belongs to HGTV’s Designer of the Year – Urbanology Designs. The interior design team’s workplace used to be an old, dilapidated firehouse until they got their hands on it and rescued it from its sad state of abandonment.

Opened in February 2019, the Engine Room was reimagined and beautifully transformed with Scandinavian materials, white-washed walls, and natural objects layered together to create a timeless yet dreamy aesthetic. All of which are wonderfully elevated by the brilliant, natural light cascading from the immensely tall, north-facing, floor-to-ceiling windows.

Today, all their work happens out of this entirely re-designed Urban Firehouse. It’s a remarkable space, and being in it inspires the team to bring the vision of their design projects to life. The area also doubles as an event space and hosts weddings, launch parties, and more. You’ll also find Ginger styling tablescapes for photoshoots in the gorgeous, sunlight-filled space.

This is a perfect inspiration if you have been looking for new ways to transform your office or work-from-home space. Looking for even more elevated office remodels? Then, check out these Affordable Office Swaps to Refresh Your Office Space!

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