Affordable Swaps to Refresh your Office Space

We don’t know about you, but having a chic and inspiring office space makes our job that much easier! It’s important to us to have an office that always feels fresh and inviting. However, a redecorating overhaul can be expensive, so we’re always on the lookout for easy and affordable office swaps to make. Our goal? Minumum budget, maximum impact. Read on for some of our favorite ways to refresh our office. Then, let us know how you incorporated these tips into your own space!

Affordable Office Swaps to Refresh Your Space - Inspired by This

1. Switch out old framed prints with newer photos. We have a gallery wall in our conference room that showcases our favorite shoots and events over the years. While there was nothing wrong with the old photos, it was time for a change! We pulled more recent shots in a brighter color scheme and switched them all out in one day. All in all, it was less than $100 at Costco. Worth it? 100%!

2. Invest in one new statement piece. For us, this was new conference room chairs! By switching out our old plain white chairs with chic blush velvet ones, we completely changed the look of the room. As a result, we spend way more time in here brainstorming new ideas and meeting as a team!

Affordable Office Swaps to Refresh Your Space - Inspired by This

3. Plants, plants, plants! We’re notorious for having trouble keeping office plants alive. Can anyone else relate!? However, we’re huge fans of the way that plants can liven up a space. We took our (not) green thumbs to Homegoods, and picked out new faux plants to refresh our desks, bathroom, and shelving.

Affordable Office Swaps to Refresh Your Space - Inspired by This

4. Replace tired pillows. A few new throw pillows on your desk chairs or in your lounge area can make a huge difference! Case in point: We got new blush velvet pillows to tie in our new conference room chairs, and it completely refreshed our current couch!

5. Try removable wallpaper. We get that painting your office walls might not always be an option, especially if you rent your space! Thankfully, there are some really amazing removable wallpaper options on the market now! Wallpaper can give you more flexibility in your decor because it can be easily changed when needed. We fell in love with this faux white brick decal from Rocky Mountain Decals. Plus, the white brick really made our black and white Minted gallery wall pop!

Affordable Office Swaps to Refresh Your Space - Inspired by This

What are some of your go-to affordable office swaps? Share with us on Instagram using our #everydayIBT hashtag and we’ll repost our favorites!

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