A Dreamy Baby Shower: Celebrating Life, Love, and Baby in Bloom

PSA: There’s a baby in bloom! For Kellee Khalil, founder of Loverly, friends and family anticipated the arrival of baby girl with a rosey celebration that embodied all things girlhood. Whimsical florals and bohemian textures set the tone at Kellee’s childhood home in Los Angeles— where guests were invited to enjoy delicious food and drinks picnic-style, surrounded by cozy pillows and low lying tables! Keep reading to see all of the precious details and get a glimpse of life la vie en rose!

The mom-to-be shares,

“As I embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood, I couldn’t wait to celebrate the impending arrival of our little princess. I knew I wanted my baby shower to be a perfect blend of femininity and fun. With the loving support of my father and sisters, we decided to host the event at our childhood home in Southern California. We created a warm and inviting atmosphere that forever holds a special place in my heart.”

The mom-to-be continues,

“Being a brunch enthusiast and gluten-free by choice, I envisioned a baby shower filled with delicious breakfast delights and wholesome options for all to enjoy. Thanks to our talented caterer, Catering of Paris, my dream became a reality. They skillfully accommodated my dietary needs, ensuring that every bite was as scrumptious as it was healthy.

As the founder of Loverly, I’m no stranger to working with incredible vendors who make dreams come true. However, for this special occasion, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and collaborate with a fresh team of talented individuals. What a thrill it was to discover the perfect partners for this endeavor! Using Loverly to plan my shower was effortless and filled with incredible inspiration.”

Highlights from the day,

“One of the true highlights of the day was the magnificent vintage-inspired cakes and cupcakes expertly crafted by Rachel, at Cake Queen LA. Not only were these confections a sight to behold, but they also tasted like pure heaven. The buttercream frosting was, without a doubt, the best I had ever savored. Rachel’s ability to replicate the flavors for the gluten-free options left me in awe. It was a delight to see my vision come to life through her creations.

The magic didn’t stop there. The floral arrangements, decor, and rentals, all thoughtfully curated and arranged by the talented Pretty Sweet Deets team, transformed our backyard into an intimate, yet stunning brunch picnic. Their attention to detail and creative touch left everyone enchanted.”

In conclusion,

“Of course, no baby shower is complete without a few surprises, and my sisters did not disappoint. They surprised me with charming printouts of cherished moments between my fiancé and me. It reminded me of the beautiful journey that had led us to this point. To add an eco-friendly touch, they gifted our guests seed paper in pots that perfectly matched our theme: “Baby in Bloom.” These thoughtful tokens of love symbolized, not only the new life growing within me, but also, the love and growth in all our lives.

My baby shower was a true reflection of the love and support that surround our growing family. It was a day of laughter, joy, and heartfelt moments. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful beginning to this new chapter in our lives. As we eagerly await the arrival of our baby girl, I’m filled with nothing but excitement and gratitude for the love and blessings that surround us.”

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