Industrial-Meets-Boho Wedding Inspiration In Greece

Mamma Mia! When in Greece! This industrial-meets-boho wedding inspiration is everything. Each detail is the perfect presence of contrast, while still maintaining a cohesive look. The florals are insane! The perfect showstopper for both the ceremony and the reception. Don’t get us started on the triangular ceremony space that draws anyone’s eyes directly to the bride and groom! This is the perfect reason for a destination wedding in Greece. Maybe it is even the final sign you needed!

Event Planner Dreams In Style tells us all about this industrial-meets-boho wedding in Greece,

Hello from Greece!

This is one of the very few instances where we all I fell in love designing a concept right from the start, because it brought together a lot of different styles in an effortlessly and natural way.

Yes, we’ve all seen or a Boho bride wearing a lace dress, but how about cowboy booties and a hat? We’ve all seen or witnessed a Boho ceremony under a wooden arch, but what if the ceremony took place inside an old currant tank? Yes, we’ve all been to a Boho wedding at a beautiful venue, but how about having the reception in a tunnel within a hotel premises? Yes, we’ve all gone to a Boho wedding with cute arte le da table and macramé accents. However, how about designing enormously beautiful centerpieces and incorporating breathtaking props like a beautiful bronze parrot and a large palmetto leaf mimicking the actual real life leaf, that definitely stand out on their own?

The story continues,

Flowers are an integral part of a concept, therefore the choice of flowers is vital to the overall design. The flowers used for our Boho Industrial Chic design were: Pampas grass, Kahala roses, dried amaranth, dried fern, dried lunaria, dried Palmetto and cordifolium Yes, it might be challenging mixing and matching different styles because this might create dissonance among the elements, but not this time.

This time everything made sense. The venue was a match made in heaven, as were the florals, stationary and cake design.

Apart from the wedding day photoshoot, we also designed a simple romantic pre-wedding day concept where our super talented florist created an enormous wig with natural white orchids. It was brilliantly combined with a beautiful gown. The bride reminded of a contemporary Caryatid. Instead of designing a romantic dinner for two, we designed a romantic getaway on the beach for two. No furniture, just two Persian rugs and cushions right on the sand.

And what’s better than enjoying a drink during the golden hour especially when the bar catering service is an old VW wagon?

Take advantage of the beautiful world around us to have the wedding of your dreams! Whether it is an industrial-meets-boho wedding in Greece, or something else entirely, the opportunity is there. Are you looking for even more destination wedding inspiration? Check out this Intimate Destination Wedding In Puerto Vallarta!

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