These 14 TikTok WFH Essentials Are Worth The Hype

If your FYP (for you page) looks anything like ours, you’ve probably scrolled past a stanley cup (or two), and seen the girl who takes meetings while getting her steps in on a walking pad (genius). The force of WFH women on TikTok is real! There are so many awesome tools these days that will keep you motivated and productive while working from home! So today, we’ve rounded up our favorite 14 TikTok WFH essentials that are *actually* worth the hype.

Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage lately! It helps break up the flow of work and keeps your blood flowing. We love this standing desk from Amazon because it’s electric and has presets! We love that you can save different heights that you like the desk to be at. All it takes is a push of a button to go from working while sitting, to getting a stretch in and standing while you complete some tasks!

Desktop Monitor

As a team that’s frequently traveling, laptops are a great option for us so that we can bring our work wherever we go. However, when we’re at our home base, a desktop monitor is the perfect solution for our remote work crew! It gives you more room to work, makes things easier to see and is a great solution for those who tend to sit with bad posture!

Mechanical Keyboard

This is the perfect companion for your desktop monitor. Mechanical keyboards are infamously known for their aesthetics and satisfying noise when used to type! Since desktop monitors are commonly used with a laptop that is closed and tucked away, an additional keyboard is necessary so that you can continue to type while using your desktop monitor.

Ergonomic Mouse

A mouse is usually required while working with a desktop monitor as well, so that you can navigate your laptop or computer while it is tucked away and plugged into your monitor. An ergonomic mouse is designed to fit with your hand and arm more naturally! They take the pressure off while you’re working, allowing you to stay productive for longer without becoming uncomfortable.

Comfortable Desk Chairs

The WFH girlies on TikTok have found the *ultimate* desk chairs for your WFH set up–and these two have been dubbed universal favorites! Both of these chairs allow you to sit more comfortably while staying productive during your 9-5!

Criss-cross chair

Known for the ability to sit cross legged while working!

Kneeling chair

Most favored by those who have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time!

Walking Pad

Did you know that you can do a marathon while responding to emails? Kristen, also known as ‘the walking pad girl’ on TikTok, has pioneered the concept of getting your steps in while you work! Similar to a treadmill, these walking pads have garnered popularity due to their ability to fit underneath a standing desk–allowing you to get work done at your computer while getting your steps in!

40oz Tumblers

Hydroflasks are out, Stanley cups are IN. These 40 oz tumblers are best known for their large water capacity, plus their ability to fit in a car cup holder. But…they’ve become so popular that they can be hard to get a hold of. We found the closest dupe on the market that helps us stay hydrated all day long!

Ember Mug

Have you ever lost count of how many times you had to reheat your cup of coffee in the morning? The ember mug solves that problem with its smart temperature control feature, keeping your coffee at the *exact* temperature you want for as long as you want to.

Blue Light Glasses

These glasses are for everyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen–even if you don’t have a prescription! Blue light blocking glasses help protect your eyes from dryness and strain, and can prevent you from getting headaches while working on a computer.

Claw Clips

90’s/2000’s style is BACK, including hairstyles! Not only do claw clips allow you to jump on board with the 90s trend, but they’re a cute solution for having hair out of your face while working.

Timer Cube for Batch Tasking

For those who are easily distracted, TikTokers have started utilizing timer cubes for batch tasking their work. It helps to give clear guidelines on how much time you are going to spend on a project or task, helping you prioritize your work and stay on top of your task load!

Daily/Hourly Planner

Similar to the cube above, these planners help you organize your workload by letting you time-block your day. Time blocking is a productivity technique that helps you with time management! These planners have a monthly, weekly and daily views, with the daily views being broken down into hours. These smaller segments of time help you visualize how much time you are putting into specific tasks!

Apple watch band

The perfect accessory to go with your apple watch, these thin apple watch bands are the perfect way to elevate your watch–helping you transition seamlessly from work to daily life.

Caffeinated Greens

For those who want to ditch coffee or don’t love the taste anyway- caffeinated greens! These plant based blends fuse energy with daily nutrition, allowing you to get a natural energy boost while supporting your immunity and gut health!

Did our list of 14 TikTok WFH essentials give you some new ideas? Be sure to check out our blog post on how to give your office a spring refresh!