Intern Guide to Standing Out and Making an Impact

Being an intern is tough. Boundaries are murky and you are eager to learn everything you can while still being able to stand out. Our whole team has been there and understands what’s at stake for an intern. Not only do they want to perform the best that they can but they also want to ensure they still have some work life balance (that 8 hour work day is a transition!). So we asked our summer 2021 interns what advice they would give to, well… you! Here’s our intern guide to standing out and making an impact. Doesn’t matter if you are remote or in person all tips in this intern guide apply!

Intern Guide Tips NO. 1-3

Work as a team and not an individual!

At Inspired by This everyone is involved in some way and somehow. Working together and collaborating is what makes everyone so successful in this environment. Being a remote intern may be hard to fit into the team quick but having a team outlook on a project rather than an individual gave me more confidence and less anxiety when working on projects, knowing I can ask as many questions as to be successful.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

While working remotely can be challenging for those who don’t like to speak up in the work environment this is a challenge. I hate bothering people with messages, even just silly questions. But I was pushed that there are no silly questions because everyone is constantly communicating with each other. Over-communication made me so much more successful and allowed me to learn more.

Attention to detail!

I have always been one to look at the overall picture of something and not the tiny little details. While sorting galleries and working on Pinterest revamps etc. We really have to take in the little details of every picture to see which one will stand out more or looks better, even if it is the slightest difference. I have learned there are so many little things to take into consideration to make a post or submission successful. Even though the overall look of something looks good a tiny out-of-place chair or shot of a newlywed couple out of place can change the overall vibe of the photo.

Image via @createcultivate

Intern Guide Tips NO. 4-6

Don’t be afraid to ask for more

If you have extra time and feel like you can take on more work, don’t be afraid to ask what else you can be helping with! Not only will the team appreciate it, but it gives you the opportunity to maximize your learning experience at your internship.

Ask the question, it’ll save you time

Being in a remote setting still makes it accessible to ask questions and stay in communication with your team. If you feel overwhelmed or lost, your team will never know if you don’t say something. If you don’t fully understand a task, it takes less time asking the question then trying to complete a task you don’t understand!

Take your lunch breaks

This might sound obvious, but sometimes I would find myself never taking a break from my computer all day. Though it might feel like you’re getting more done by not taking breaks, you’re most likely not maximizing productivity. Especially in a remote setting, give your eyes and brain the break they deserve— they’ll thank you later.

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Intern Guide Tips NO. 7-9

Prioritize your tasks

It’s good to remember that every task you are assigned is important, but some should be given more time than others. I’ve learned to spend the first 20 minutes of my day coming up with a game plan of what tasks need the most of my attention and when I should do them throughout my day. When I complete those tasks, I reward myself with doing smaller tasks, like brainstorming Tik-Tok ideas, or engaging with comments. I have found that spreading my bigger tasks throughout the day keeps me motivated and energized to complete everything successfully.

Don’t be scared to share ideas!

Especially being in a remote environment, it may seem scary that your idea won’t be heard. It’s important to listen and note-take in meetings, and think of ideas that could be helpful for your team. A fresh angle or perspective might be just what someone needs to hear!

Bring your best work for each task

Although some tasks may be easier than others, you should always bring your best creative efforts to all your work, no matter the importance. After all, your work is a direct reflection of you! Take your time to pay attention to the details, ask questions if you are confused, and even if you make a mistake, tell your team and learn from it. Your team will appreciate your eagerness to learn!

Image via @brightenmade

Did this intern guide to standing out and making a difference help you think of new ways to add value to your team? Let us know in the comments what your ideas entail!

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