Behind The Scenes Look at Vibrant Cafe

Okay, who’s ready for a poll? If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life what would it be, coffee or tea? Though one, right?! We would have to go with coffee, speaking of coffee we are so excited to be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at an Instagram Worthy cafe today. Vibrant Cafe that is. Get ready to book a ticket to Houston Texas, because we know after looking through this gallery and reading their story you will want to check out Vibrant Cafe for yourself!


What inspired you to start Vibrant and what sets you apart from similar cafes?

I wanted a fun place for my community, family, and friends where everything you put in your mouth is the cleanest version of itself it can be, bridging pleasure and wellbeing…using only responsible ingredients, good oils, organic local things grown in good soil, lots of love and flavor. On another level, I wanted to do my part to normalize an economy that values the wellbeing of people and the planet, as much as the bottom line. Also, I wanted a place that is fully what it acts like it is without greenwashing or marketing gimmicks.

What is one thing you wish you knew before opening Vibrant?

Nothing! Everything evolved how and when it has needed to. I trusted the process and wouldn’t change a thing.

Tell us about your mission of fulfilling food straight from the earth to the table.

Regenerative agriculture is farming and grazing practices that rebuild biodiversity in the soil and pulls carbon out of the air. The mineralization of its yield provides for the symbiosis of healing between the earth and people, reintegrating the vibrance and balance we are designed for.  Adding to this economy is what I am most inspired to do.

What inspired your shop interior design, we are obsessed with it!

Yay, thank you! The building was an old-fashioned dry cleaner built-in 1961, with never touched retro perfection. I have crushed on it for decades, intuiting that I would one day turn it into something cool for Houston. I made every design decision standing in the space, it’s spirit is so strong; it was perfectly clear on what it wanted to be! At the time I was having a West Texas fetish, which mingled in with the palette.

How did your background help you get to where you are?

I see myself as the curator of this collective, there with a butterfly net. My background is in finance, art history, interior design…which helped me wear all of the hats needed to put this little microcosm together.  My phenomenal staff and managers are the real heartbeat of the place.

Quick Q+A

Favorite interesting snack: I always eat from Vibrant Cafe! Current fave snack is a slice of our bird bread with our house better almond butter and compote.

Where you feel the most productive: My boyfriend’s new highrise on the 34th floor at his Marolles dining table and bench…it is closer to the clouds than the city with floor to ceiling windows, and the decorative arts are purity perfection which harmonizes my mind and the clouds situation creates a perma-meditative state.

All-time favorite app:  Stone is PURE PERFECTION.

Favorite way to unwind after a busy week:  A sunset run is all of the things for me. The endorphins combined with those colors in the atmosphere. Whoa.

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