All The Manicure Inspiration You Need For Your Next Appointment

Your IBT girls love to pamper themselves, especially at the nail salon. Nothing makes you feel more girly or put to together then having freshly manicured nails, am I right?! Today on the blog, we’re sharing our new favorite manicure inspiration styles for you to show your nail tech at your next appointment. These styles work with all nail shapes and types of polish. Gel, dip powder, acrylic or regular nail polish – there are endless options! Do a fun new shape or try a bold color this month. Who knows, you just might fall in love with something new!

Glazed Donut

We are in love with this neutral shade. Some nail techs call it ‘glazed donut’, some call it ‘chrome’. Whatever the case, it turns out stunning every time. You can do a a very light neutral color as your base, (light pink, off white/white), and then, they’ll work their magic by rubbing a super fine glitter over the top for a ‘glazed/chrome’ look. It’s a really cool process!

I once did a maroon shade under neath, with ‘silver chrome’ on top and it was gorgeous! The possibilities are endless with this one. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

French Tip

You can’t go wrong with the classic french tip, but what we love most is how versatile the look can be depending on the shape, color, or style you choose! Change up this classic style with a colored tip, OR do an ‘ombre french tip’ style with a dipping powder (only certain nail techs know how to do this).

More Inspiration For You

We hope you found some new and fun manicure inspiration for your next nail appointment! Will you go bold with a new shape or color, or will you stay classy and elegant with something simple? No matter what, we’re excited you found us and feel inspired by what we love. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for your daily inspiration!