A Kindred Mediterranean Picnic

Warning: Extreme hunger is on the way. This Mediterranean picnic is the perfect combination of a beautiful setting and delicious food. With each scroll, we find our mouths watering…The design of this event perfectly captures how food can bring people together for a special moment. The fantastic colors and florals are incredible contributions that add creativity to this picnic. Grab a snack before you start viewing these photos, or you are going to start hearing your stomach growling.

Dawn Weisberg of Tularose Flowers tells us about this Mediterranean picnic,

As ways of celebrating life’s important moments continue to evolve, making treasured family memories with our loved ones has more meaning now than ever. Tarsia Alfred owner of Bubbles Brew a mobile Prosecco Bar and Bocconcini Pizza Co a mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven, knows how to take a party on the road and make ANY location a place to celebrate.

Family time has developed heightened importance in the last couple of years, as our priorities and lives have shifted. “We’re seeing more and more people want to celebrate in intimate ways with their nearest and dearest,” says Tarsia Alfred owner of Bubbles Brew a mobile Prosecco Bar and Bocconcini Pizza Co a mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Not only that, people are looking for ways to elevate these occasions to make them truly memorable. Gone are the days of a quick trip to the party store for plastic tablecloths and balloons.

As the day continued,

Tarsia decided that it was time to treat her own family to some special together time, so she gathered up her boys, and called on some talented industry friends to create an amazing experience for her dearest ones. These images from Carrie McGuire Photography capture all the family time in the dreamy olive groves beautifully, preserving those memories for the future.

For a Southern California family, what could be better than an Italian-inspired cozy family picnic in the beautiful olive groves of the Temecula Olive View Ranch. California shares both a climate and a love for fresh quality ingredients with Italy, and this pizza straight from the wood-fired mobile oven of Bocconcini Pizza Co, handcrafted by Sardinian Pizzaiolio Elvin will transport you to Italy with an explosion of fresh molten mozzarella, tangy tomato sauce and toppings ranging from prosciutto crudo and fresh arugula to pesto and ricotta.

This food is amazing,

What pairs better with fresh handmade pizza, then a light and frosty Italian prosecco from Freixenet. While the family waits for the wood-fired pizza you can keep the kids and adults happy with charcuterie boards brimming with olives and other delicacies from Temecula Olive Oil Company, as well fresh-pressed olive oil and hand braided bread from Chef Elvin. Need place setting inspiration? We made mini wreaths out of rosemary branches to symbolize family unity. Tied with a bit of hand-dyed silk ribbon they add a perfect touch of golden love!

Tarsia left all the planning and heavy lifting to Temecula Picnic Company, so she and the family could show up and enjoy the day, the company and the delicious food without lifting a finger! True Luxury is getting to relax into fluffy pile of pillows and cuddle your loved ones while feasting, without having to set up or clean -up!


To create a lush environment for celebrating, Event and Floral Designer Dawn of Tularosa Flowers styled the table with a colorful floral runner and cascade of modern Mediterranean colors of warm gold-hued leaves, rich Bordeaux and apricot garden roses and fresh olive branches covered with ripe olives, a rich color palette inspired by Italian Renaissance paintings.

Can it really be a picnic without at least a touch of gingham? Feeling the picnic vibes Tarsia looks lovely in her cottage core-inspired dress from Vida Moulin and gorgeous hair and make-up by Jill Powell Glam. Husband and High School principal Lee and sons look stylish and comfy in H + M.

Wow! We are suddenly craving a good old-fashioned Mediterranean picnic! This is the perfect plan to get your favorite group of people together! Are you looking for inspiration for food to make? Check out these 3 Superfoods You Need To Try Out!

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