How to survive winter in the office

Ahhhhhh, winter. We love you and your peppermint mochas and your frostbitten mornings. But then, suddenly, we don’t love you as much. Far away are the lazy days and the OOO time in summer. Whether you are Queen Elsa this season all the way to if you suffer from seasonal depression, we can all agree that winter in the office can get a bit, well, stifling.

Now of course the easiest solution is to jet off and spend some time sipping something out of a coconut in Cabo, and if you can do that, please do it for all of us. However, the majority of us are stuck here until the promise of spring arrives. So, for all of you sitting and reading this shivering at your desk, we have compiled a few tips to help make winter in the office as cheery as a Hallmark movie!

Desk hand lotion/ desk Chapstick

Nothing is more distracting than chapped lips, and there are few pains like dry, cracked hands (literally shuddering at the thought of this) and winter just makes these so much worse. I always try to keep hand lotion and chapstick on me, but I make sure to have a residential set at my desk so moisturization is never far away!

Download a Soothing Sounds App

While we are lucky enough to hear the ocean from the office, when it has been the dead of winter and I have been far away from the ocean, just the sound of the waves make me feel like I’m somewhere a little bit brighter and sunnier!

Invest in a coffee mug warmer!

Only thing worse than a freezing cold office is letting your coffee get cold in a freezing cold office. A coffee warmer keeps your coffee, and then you nice and cozy during your morning sip!

Get a fun winter office playlist going!

Ask your fellow co-workers to send over some of their favorite winter jams and form a collaborative office playlist you all can have access to, and play and nice background noise throughout the office.

Decorate your desk

Tis the season, so make your desk feel like it! Add a cozy candle and a mini tree or a few ornaments and it’ll automatically brighten up your day!

Take a coffee break

A midday break is always good to clear your mind and give you a quick refresh to boost your energy for the rest of the day, so take advantage of the cold weather by grabbing something warm to sip on at your desk. Hot tea, hot chocolate, or a seasonal peppermint mocha would be our picks!

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