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Jun 19, 2017

Ice Cream Inspired Summer Cocktails

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RumChata. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember the classic ice cream bars and popsicles you would run out to the ice cream truck for on a hot summer day? Well, young at heart like we are, we decided to recreate them… in cocktail form ;). Whether we’re whipping up coffee cocktails or spicy margaritas, we love coming up with new cocktail creations. And these were extra fun! Plus, the hot weather calls for some icy recipes! Between a frozen & fruity sipper to a tangy & creamy creamsicle-cocktail to a rich & chocolaty float, these ice cream inspired summer cocktails are perfect poolside.

We were inspired by the good old fashioned Creamsicle, Strawberry Shortcake bar, and Fudgesicle. YUM. To match the creamy goodness of these ice cream treats, we used RumChata. When we think of cocktail ingredients to enjoy during the warm weather months, our mind er… taste buds immediately go to rum. It transports us to the tropics with just one sip! RumChata is a delicious rum liqueur that pairs beautifully with a variety of flavors. It’s full of rich cinnamon and vanilla flavor without being overpowering. Plus, it’s made with the finest Caribbean distilled rum and real dairy cream. (Can you see why we chose it for these ice cream cocktails?!)

If you’re curious about other delicious ways you can use RumChata, check out the RumChata’s YouTube channel or RumChata’s Facebook Page! But don’t run off just yet – stick around to see how we made these perfect for summer cocktails!

Creamsicle Cocktail

What You Need:

2 oz RumChata
2 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Vodka
1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

How to: Combine all ingredients and enjoy like a float or blend for more of a milkshake!


This cocktail is like sipping a Creamsicle straight through a straw! Yes, please!

Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail

What You Need:

Frozen strawberries
Brown sugar
Graham cracker crumbs
A fresh strawberry for garnish
1 oz Rum
2 oz RumChata

How To: Rim the glass in graham cracker crumbs by first dipping in cream cheese or chocolate sauce. Blend the frozen strawberries, brown sugar, and rum and pour into a cocktail glass. Then top with a RumChata floater and garnish with a strawberry.


Fudgescicle Cocktail

What You Need:

1/2 oz Chocolate liqueur
Chocolate syrup or hard shell coating for rim
1 Scoop Chocolate ice cream
2 oz Milk
2 oz RumChata

How To: Rim the glass by dipping it in a chocolate sauce, syrup, or a coating such as Magic Shell. Add remaining ingredients to glass and stir. Enjoy!


Doesn’t that look delicious?!

Are they cocktails or are they dessert? A bit of both we say! So serve them up at your next summer pool party alongside their ice cream bar counterparts.. because why not?! Everyone will love digging in to one or the other, or putting the ice cream & cocktail together for an ultra delectable afternoon treat. Let us know which one (or all) you try in the comments!

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