7 Father’s Day Activities To Do With Your Dad

Father’s Day is coming up quick (this Sunday!) and it is time start planning celebrations! It’s all about dad but it’s the perfect day to do something you both enjoy. While figuring out what to do may not come as easy as it did for Mother’s Day, there are plenty of great Father’s Day activities for every type of dad out there. We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to celebrate the most important men in our lives here – hopefully they’ll help you out!

Best of all, Dad may appreciate the quality time more than a regular gift – but if you need one of those too, our Father’s Day gift guide is a good spot to go. 😉

1. For the golf-obsessed dad

Instead of committing to a full 18-hole golf game, taking your dad to the driving range is a perfect compromise. If you live near a Top Golf, food and drinks are delivered right to you!

2. For the active dad

If the weather is nice, take your dad on a hike, bike ride or long walk. It’s perfect opportunity to catch up and get those steps in!

3. For the sporty dad

Get tickets to a local sporting event! Your dad will be in heaven watching his favorite team while spending quality time with you.

4. For the creative dad

Try something new – like a yummy recipe! Cooking classes are a great way to learn new skills and enjoy enjoy delicious dishes together. We’ve had great experiences at Sur la Table!

5. For the beer-loving dad

If you have local breweries nearby, a brewery tour would be a perfect way to spend the day.

6. For the movie-buff dad

Chances are, there’s a movie your dad is dying to see. Treat him to a movie and don’t forget his favorite candy!

7. For the foodie dad

Don’t forget to whip up a delicious breakfast for your dad! Savory French toast or a hearty scramble and of course, don’t forget the bacon.

What are your plans? Did you find these father’s day activities to be helpful?

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