Our 2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is coming up soon, and that means it’s time to start planning what you are going to get the dad’s in your life. And, that can only mean one thing our 2021 Father’s day gift guide is here and we have to say this is a good one. Not only do we have items for every type of father across the board, but we happen to have tried some of these items in the past. We are catering to the whisky loving, bbq obsessed and all around good-guy dads, we know that sounds all too familiar. So, if you are looking for the perfect father’s day gift for your dad, look no further we have an item that every dad can appreciate!

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.01 – Best Dad Ever Print

If you are reading this article we are willing to bet you have the best dad ever. We think the same about our dad’s, so this gorgeous print from Minted.com is exactly what every dad would cherish for years to come.

.02 – Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

This glass topper cocktail smoker is ideal for the dad that loves a good show, and happens to love a strong glass of whiskey. Not only does this cocktail smoker serve as a conversation starter but it will give any dad a good confidence boost on their mixologist skills!

.03 – Kabob Grilling Baskets

We have never met a dad that didn’t love a tool that will make their lives easier! So, if your dad loves a good bbq grilling session than these kabob grilling baskets are the perfect functional gift for them.

.04 – Dress Shoes

Just like a women cannot have too many shoes, the same can be said for men. There will never be a time where you man, or your father couldn’t use some new and shiny dress shoes!

.05 – Print Performance Sport Shirt

Here we are again with the clothing items, and again we come to the same conclusion, no man could ever have too many dress shirts!

.06 – Grilltastic Grill Cleaner

This grill cleaner was a must-have for our 2021 Father’s Day list in our opinions. Not only will this make your grill sparkly clean but it also will allow you to try out different flavors without

.07 – Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle

If there’s one task most dad’s don’t enjoy doing, we would have to say it would be cleaning. So, when we found this self cleaning water bottle we were floored with excitement for not only our father’s hydration but also the fact they can throw away their old dirty water bottles.

.08 – Theragun MINI Professional Handheld

If you have never heard of a theragun, you can thank us later. If your partner or father lives an active lifestyle than a theragun is a no brainer for muscle recovery. Plus it’s like an easy way to give a deep tissue massage!

.09 – Hole in One Box

We are no strangers to opting for a Boxfox curated gift set instead of spending hours searching the internet. That’s because we know they will never disappoint. If your dad loves golf than this is by far the best gift for him!

.10 – Golden Hour (Patio Candle)

If you have never heard of a patio candle than let us enlighten you! Not only does it set the most glorious ambiance for your summer backyard bbq’s but you can also find ones that will deter bugs and leave your space smelling amazing!

.11 – Puffy Portable Blanket

We are looking at all the father’s that are adventurers. Yes the dad’s that have no problem sleeping in their car, to go surf, or love to camp! This puffy portable blanket will give them the comfort of home on all their adventures.

.12 – StoryWorth Book Gift

Storyworth is the gift that keeps on giving all year long with the ability for your dad to record some of his favorite memories throughout the year, and share it with you when the book is complete. Have we peeked your interest? Be sure to check this one out, if not for your dad, we can guarantee someone you love will adore this gift!

.13 – A Dozen Reasons I Love You Dad

This gift is a great one if you have little kids and you want to provide a gift they can give their dad while also making it interactive. This would be a sweet gesture for kiddo’s to pick out their favorite items and read them to their dad on father’s day!

.14 – Pendleton Hat

Every dad could use a new hat! It’s time to throw out his out ripped and stained cap and level up his game with a new and exciting hat!

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