Back to School Hacks From A Mom Of Four

I’m a mom of four of little ones that now all go to school. I can’t believe it! My youngest is almost three and just started school last week. I work and have minimal child care at home these days and managing all the kids and a company is a lot! So, I wanted to share some life hacks and back to school hacks that have been game changing for me, in hopes that it can help you too.

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.01 – Mabel’s Labels

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I love this company and I order from them every single year. Do I have extra name labels with the kids’ names on them each year? Yes, of course…but I always get more…because I literally label everything. Gloves, hats, shoes, clothes (especially for my younger two who go to preschool and pre-k…clothes go missing at school), nap sacks, backpacks, hair bows, school folders, notebooks, headphones, snack bags, lunch boxes, water bottles. You name it…I label it. If you do not have these you are missing out! You need them!

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.02 – PlanetBox Lunch Boxes

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I know there are tons of different lunch box options out there, but the reason I use this company is because I don’t want my kids’ food sitting in plastic all day long. The PlanetBox is an eco-friendly stainless steel lunch box that is so durable and has lasted me for years. Over time I have gotten one or two more to have, and now I have enough for each child to have two of them. WHY would I do that??

Because now when the kids are at school, I can make lunch for the next day in the peace and quiet at the house. It is prepped and ready before the chaos of them returning home, needing snacks, doing homework and me having to make dinner. I used to wash the lunch boxes in the middle of all that, finding time to make the lunch boxes only after they had gone to bed. It was exhausting. As a working mom I’m always trying to find ways to be more efficient with my time. This little hack has saved me this back to school season so far, and I hope it does the same for you!

.03 – Health and Wellness

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Every day my kids are either taking all of the list below or a combo of this or that. It all depends on how everyone is feeling and if I need to support them more or less at the time.  

Vitamin D

Vitamin C


I also love giving them Sovereign Silver (1 dropper full) for immune support and roll on a special roller bottle that my friend Melody told me to get from doTerra. What a difference this little combo has made for us. Even with all of the back to school germs we’ve been able to stay healthy!

I recently just bought a nebulizer because my kids are prone to getting croup when they get a cold. I watched a few videos and read up on this treatment suggestion from a few doctors. Two weeks ago, when the younger two boys started to sound congested, I got to put it to the test. WOW what a difference this nebulizer made! One of our editors, Ashley, also told me to have this bronchial wellness syrup and the wellements chest rub on hand. Thank goodness I did because I used both with the nebulizer, and my kids never got very sick. These are all great items to have at home just in case!

.04 – One Pot Meals

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Because no one has the time especially with the kids’ daily routines and since I have so many of them I need to simplify where I can. The best back to school hacks also make home life easier. I could never have imagined how much flavor can come from one pot! From spaghetti and meatballs to peanut butter overnight oats, the possibilities are endless. Even a quick Google search has given me some of my family’s faves. Who knew making a chicken enchilada could be so easy?!

While I’ve definitely got the savory covered, my kids also enjoy the sweet side of an easy on-the-go meal. I love Kelly Leveque smoothie recipes because they balance blood sugar and make our family feel satiated with lots of power before we head out to school or soccer games.

.05 – Love On Your Kids’ Teachers

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A little gift basket to start out the year with a card, candle, gift cards, or a frame that they can put the whole class photo in is a great way to make that relationship strong. Take care of them above what the classroom mom organizes for birthdays or the holidays. I have found that notes of gratitude throughout the year and thoughtful gifting (doesn’t have to be expensive) strengthens the relationship with your teacher and creates great communication.

.06 – Lay Out Their Clothes the Night Before

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It’s a tiny detail, but it makes a world of a difference to have the kids dressed before they even make it to the kitchen asking for breakfast.

.07 – “Off to School” Daily Kids’ Checklist

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A friend of mine gave me one of these easy back to school hacks: create a checklist for your older kids (mine are in 1st and 3rd grade) to help them get more independent and make the morning routine more efficient. Items that could be on this list: get dressed, make your bed, grab your backpack, water bottle, lunch box, did you brush your teeth and wash your face? 

A new school year means a chance to implement new back to school hacks into your schedule. My hope is that some of the one’s I have provided can make your life a little easier. Time with our kids at these ages goes fast, embrace it!