How Mindfulness Can Help Kids Build Positive Connections At School

There has never been a time where mindfulness has mattered more than it does right now. Did you know that one in every ten people struggled with mental health before the pandemic? Since March of last year, the statistic has climbed to 7 in every 10 people who struggle with mental health. Let that sink in for a moment. It should come as no surprise, that people, in general, are still feeling the effects of the pandemic right now. One particular group we often do not talk about enough is the children, and how this pandemic has affected them. For a lot of children, this pandemic happened to fall right in their development years, and it has never been so apparent that they need our assistance. Today on the blog we are sharing more about a very real solution to this problem, how mindfulness can help kids build positive connections at school. A long-time favorite brand of ours, Pause & Purpose has launched a campaign to help share the necessary tools to keep their mental health a priority.

As they shared in their own words,

Pause + Purpose is a new business, founded during the pandemic in Wilton, Connecticut, that sells easy-to-use mindfulness training resources for even the most inexperienced facilitators to expand their offerings. It is currently the only mindfulness program that can take place anywhere, can be used completely offline, and actively cultivates strong social relationships.

It is built on the idea that mindfulness training should be accessible and unintimidating to all. Our aim is to carve out local communities, all under the umbrella of the Pause + Purpose brand, so that we might be there to provide support and continued education. Our mindfulness gatherings are meant to build community through interactive, in-person, or live video chat sessions. Our goal is to provide an alternative to meditation apps or in-person silent practices which can often feel intimidating, confusing, and isolating.

Our resources come in the form of printable guides and meditation audios. They were developed by psychotherapists, renowned mindfulness writers, practiced yogis, and social workers who specialize in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and various forms of meditation and movement. By the end of 2020, we’ve released six mindfulness series by authors who have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, Yahoo!, Shape, and more. Go to to learn more about our current guides and authors.”

Pause + Purpose plans on changing this by providing access to meditation and discussion scripts that are designed to be used by students for their peers. They are giving the students the opportunity to be a leader, and connect to their peers. This pilot program will begin in middle schools with the goal of expanding from there. But they can’t do it alone they need OUR help!

If you are interested in learning more, are ready to donate or spread the word then now is the time. They need your help and believe that there is nothing that we cannot do if we work together!


Do you feel confident in your understanding of how mindfulness can help kids, but are looking for ways to help navigate stress in your life? Here is our favorite beginner guide to meditation that will surely help ground and anchor your rushing thoughts and anxiety.

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