Breastfeeding Essentials for New Moms

For anyone that has breastfed, you know it’s a rewarding but challenging process! We’ve been there with our kiddos, and over the years have tested a variety of bras, bottles, pumps and accessories. We’re rounding up our tried and true picks. Whether you’re about to start down this journey (you may also find this post helpful), or gearing up for your next baby be sure to check out these life-saving breastfeeding essentials!

1. However long you choose to breastfeed, you will be living in nursing bras. It’s important to have the right fitting bra, as ill fitting bras can lead to clogged ducts… which are no fun! Our new favorite is the BeliBea bra, not only is it a super comfy nursing bra, but it can also be used as a hands free pumping bra! Other favorite brands include Bravado and Cake (they have great sports bras if you’re active!).

2. Also add to your list – Bamboobies nursing pads. Made from bamboo rayon velour, these are the softest nursing pads that actually work to stop leaks! They’re also reusable, just stick them in the wash! 

3. If you’re a first-time nurser, prepare to worry your baby isn’t getting enough and doubt your supply. Every breastfeeding mom we know has experienced this! Which is why when we heard about Momsense we knew we had to give it a try. This new tech helps mom know just how much their baby is getting. Their baby safe sensor monitors your baby’s swallowing and calculates how much milk they’re receiving. This is the peace of mind you will want!

4. If you plan to pump, finding the right bottle can be a bit of trial and error. Every baby is different, but one of the bottles our babies have loved the best is Comotomo. Made from silicon, these bottles are designed to give babies a similar experience as breastfeeding. They’re also safe to use in bottle warmers, sterilizers, microwaves and dishwashers. They also are made with vents placed on the nipple to help prevent colic.

5. The other bottles we’ve had the most luck with is Munchkin Latch which has an accordion nipple designed to give the baby a more authentic experience and the Nuk Simply Natural, which is another bottle designed for breastfeeding babies.  

6. Speaking of pumping, the pump is one of the most important accessories you’ll purchase. Our favorite is the Medela Freestyle. While a lot of pumps are built into big bags, this one gives you the option to remove the pump so you can throw it in your purse or whatever bag you’d like! We like that it’s compact, discreet and easy to travel with. If you choose one of Medela’s double electric pumps, give  Nuk’s Simply Natrual Freemie Cups a try! These take the place of bottles for a more discreet and comfortable pumping experience.

7. The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be tough on your body. You’ll need some R+R in the form of nutrition & creams. Some of our go to’s are Earth Mama Nipple Butter (available at Target and Amazon too!) and Organic Milkmaid Tea. We also kept an insulated water bottle close by as staying hydrated is so important!

8. When it comes to accessories, some of our favorites include Udder Covers – these are wonderful as they have a rigid neckline so you can see your baby and the cover doesn’t fall on their face! Covered goods is great too! We also love the My Brest Friend pillow for new babies, and the Boppy for when they get a bit older.

Lastly, our go to website for great nursing info is KellyMom! If you have questions about latch, supply, Mastitis, or anything else breastfeeding related, they are a wonderful resource. You can also check out your local chapter of La Leche League for more information.

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