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Mar 31, 2015

GIVEAWAY and Our Baby Must Haves!

For all you mama’s  out there I’ve written this post just for you and your babes.  Last month I wrote about my maternity must haves. I had baby number two, just 6 weeks ago and while he is soooo cute, I’m going through the many ups and downs of balancing a toddler and an infant. My post today will share some of my favorite baby must haves that you need to add to your list!

We picked a lucky winner for this package worth $800 including the The 4 Moms Mamaroo, Squatchi Foot Sizer, Solly Baby Wrap, Covered Goods nursing cover, Boppy Diaper Bag, The Ollie Swaddle, Baby Brezza Formula Pro, and Cinda B Bag for the hospital! But stay tuned for future mommy giveaways!


Ollie Swaddle:

This is a no fuss easy way to swaddle your baby! My husband is the swaddling guru, but when I swaddle my little guy he always breaks free- until I got the Ollie swaddle! Now I can Velcro him in super tight in less then 10 seconds which will ensure me he’s going to be comfy and go right to sleep. Every new mom needs one of these – do yourself a favor and get it! The Ollie Swaddle, named after baby Oliver,was designed by his foster mom to ensure he was comfy, cool, and could sleep through the night! Plus, the Velcro allows the Ollie to grow with your babe which is another reason why I love it!!

Baby Must Haves Giveaway

Formula Pro Baby Brezza

If you are formula feeding your baby or plan to- get ready for your life to change forever!!  I’m still nursing but when I’m back at work and needing to supplement down the road this machine will save me the fuss of mixing formula with warm water that I hope is at the right temp. Say goodbye to the time and hassle of manually preparing baby’s bottles.  Formula Pro is the new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles by measuring and mixing water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature.  The water and formula powder are stored right in the machine, so it’s always ready for you when your baby gets hungry.  The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types. I wish I had this with my baby girl. I had to supplement with formula starting around 4 months and this would have been so amazing for me as a mom on the go!

Baby Must Haves Giveaway



It may seem silly that you need a foot sizer BUT believe me you do. With kids’ shoe sizes constantly changing the Squatchi foot sizer is a must! I always struggled with buying shoes for my little girl. How should I know what size her feet were? Now this is the perfect way to have your own “at home” kids shoe sizer. Basically, this handy sizer makes sure you shop for the right size when it comes to shoes and avoid the hassle of returns. They also have a growth chart too that comes with the foot sizer- making it super easy to track your kids’ height too. It’s a must!!

Baby Must Haves Giveaway


Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor:

I shop at Target like its my job! That place has literally everything I could ever need. I picked up this Hi-Tech baby monitor at Target and it’s amazing! It shows real-time video and sound in your baby’s room and allows you to zoom, pan and rotate the camera, so Baby will never be out of your sight! The color LCD screen allows you to keep watch on your baby, not just listen!  Don’t want to constantly move the camera to where baby is? No problem. You can have up to four cameras connected to the screen to there’s always an eye on your little one! And a bonus? the it tells you the temperature in the room at all times so I have an idea if my kiddos are going to be too warm and need to wear lighter pajamas or if we need to turn on the heat during the cooler nights. I had a different monitor with my first baby and this one is waaaay better. I mean it!! You have to have it and it’s so easy to pick up at Target.

Baby Must Haves Giveaway

4moms MamaRoo

An infant seat specifically designed to move like parents do when holding their babes? Genius! This seat sways and bounces and keeps baby safe and sound, letting mom free her arms for a bit! Best Part? I can control the motions straight from my phone, and even connect music or white noise to the seat. Baby can even kick back with the ability to recline and be entertained by the adorable balls overhead! I love that it doesn’t take up much room too like the swing I had before with my first babe. My husband is obsessed with controlling  this with the app on his phone too. It’s perfect for us moms who are running around and can access the settings on our phone from another room. You are going LOVE this!!

Baby Must Haves Giveaway

Covered Goods

I am super conservative when it comes to breast feeding. I know there are moms out there who are more relaxed about whipping out their breast in public, but that’s not me. So when I found Covered goods I was so excited!! These cute nursing covers give ALL OVER COVERAGE, front and back, and are made of super comfy, breathable fabric that stretches. I can just fold it up super small and throw it in my diaper bag and not have to worry if I need to nurse, anytime, anywhere. Or when I’m not using it, it doubles as a car seat cover and a scarf. Hello people, you need one of these!! Which is why I’m giving one AWAY to one of you and another one for one of your friends. I have the black and white stripped cover and the blue cover with pink florals which is perfect for spring and summer.

Baby Must Haves Giveaway


Solly Baby Wrap

Back before baby came along, I was thinking about “baby wearing” – well now I don’t know what I would do without it! I wrote about how excited I was to try and use The Solly Baby Wrap in my maternity must haves post  and now that I get to actually wear him in it, it’s better then I expected. This wrap allows you to be close to your baby and still have freedom to get things done! I just wrap it on, tuck baby inside, and voila! He loves it, I love it, we’re all happy. Plus, the Solly Wrap comes in the cutest colors so you can “baby wear” in style! I have the grey and white striped one and they just came out with  their Oh Joy spring collection of new colors you have to check out!!

Baby Must Haves Giveaway


Boppy Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is too cute to be called that! In fun, signature colors and prints, Boppy created this incredible bag to mimic their ever popular pillows. With so many compartments and detachable parts there’s a place for everything in this bag – seriously, there is no shortage of pockets! And if you don’t need to carry it all at times, you can take the removable pouches out or use them on their own! It even includes a changing pad with padded head support for baby, easy access wipes dispenser case, and pacifier case to keep binky clean and accessible.

Baby Must Haves Giveaway

Cinda B ‘Vacationer’ Bag 

This carryall was PERFECT for my hospital bag. It’s big enough to hold ALL the things, but made of soft lightweight fabric so it’s not too heavy. This Vacationer will be your new best friend with baby or for a weekend away. And yes we’re giving away one of these too so check out how cute all their color options are!

Baby Must Haves Giveaway


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  • Abbie Begg

    I’m dying to get a baby solly wrap!!! Love babywearing, especially skin to skin! I’d also love a coveredgoods!! My little one is getting big enough that I could really use the 360 coverage!!

  • Molly Conner

    Love all these items! Would love to win these for my baby girl due soon!!

  • Berkeley

    Loving this giveaway!

  • Cait Sumner

    I’m most excited about the Solly Baby Wrap!

  • Kristi

    Solly baby wrap! My 2 week old loves being worn!

  • Lora F.

    The solly wrap is definitely my favorite!

  • Lauren

    I would love to win everything! I am pregnant with my first so this would be super helpful!

  • Kailey Birkeland

    I have been wanting a mamaroo and a covergoods cover since I found out we are getting our little love in Dec!

  • Alexandra freedman

    Have everything on my wish list! Would be such a blessing for us and little man due in July.

  • Brandi

    The mamaroo! Looks amazing!

  • AlyssaCheckley

    This is a perfect list!

  • Angela T Stevenson

    Excited to hopefully win

  • mattie

    Love everything! Solly wrap is my favorite.

  • Layne Schwabedissen

    I’m hoping for the covered goods and solly wrap! I’m due in August and it’s our first! Thanks for the comprehensive list!

  • Jodi Goodman

    The mamaroo is the perfect swing for small city apartment life!

  • Deanna

    The weekender bag, silly wrap, mamaroo and the covered good’s nursing cover! What isn’t to want!!

  • Erin Kathleen

    I would love anything on this, but especially the MamaRoo!

  • Kelsey Lange

    What an amazing giveaway! I didn’t baby wear with my son but I can’t wait to with my baby girl! I would love to win the solly baby wrap!

  • Rachel

    This is an awesome giveaway! I LOVE the solly baby wrap and the covered goods cover!

  • Racel

    I would love to win! Especially the Ollie Swaddle, my baby girl doesn’t sleep very well & I’ve heard such good things about them.

  • Samantha segelken

    Think I’m most excited for a chance to win the Mamaroo! Baby #3 is due in 2 months and money has just been so tight lately! This was definitely something on my “wish we could buy” list! everything is so lovely though! Very excited!

  • Jackie H

    So excited! Hope I win!

  • Holly Tullis

    So many awesome products!! But I’d use the Covered Goods nursing cover the most!


    Solly wrap and coveredgoods are amazing!

  • Kristen

    How can I choose?!? Loving this giveaway. Prob the swing or covered goods. Thank you!’

  • Claire

    The Ollie Swaddle seems AMAZING! Love following them on Instagram. Such a great product.

  • Samantha Brining

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you! =)

  • MommaBear2boys

    The Ollie saddle! My first born loved to be swaddled and I can’t wait to do the same with my next little guy! I love every single thing about this giveaway!

  • Madeline

    It’s definitely a tie between the solly baby wrap and the covered goods. I’ve been following them and their adorable products on insta forever!

  • Krista

    Wow! So many great things! I think I’m most excited about the mamaroo and the nursing cover!

  • Katie dee

    Love to have the mamaroo

  • Mandy Aureli

    How could I pick just one?! They all are super exciting, especially with us having a new baby on the way!

  • Heidi

    Love them all!

  • Julie P.

    Solly wrap or the nursing cover!

  • Julie R.

    Probably the MamaRoo or SollyWrap, as this will be baby #2 for us, so both with make life with a new baby and toddler much easier!

  • Beth

    All of these look awesome!

  • Erica

    I would love to win! Especially the Ollie swaddle and the monitor! I’m due May 22nd but baby is trying to come early so it would be a big help lol

  • Candace Williams

    I’m a new first time momma! Would love to win these would make things so much better for me and my little guy and my transition back to work:)

  • Rebecca Graham

    The mamaRoo !

  • Whitney Asay

    The bags!

  • Holly Brown Belnap

    Oh man! This all looks amazing. I would love to win!

  • Ericka P.

    The mamaroo!!

  • Brooke Lemmons

    Want that mamaroo!

  • Abigail

    Ooooh the mama roo my little nugget would be in HEAVEN!!

  • Kendra Stuppi

    Covered goods

  • Kristen N.

    Would love an Ollie Swaddle – I hear amazing things!

  • Janessa Loftin

    Day (and night) dreaming of all these awesome baby products! Each and every product is perfect! I would absolutely love to win!

  • Eve S

    Swaddles and mamaroo!

  • Irina S

    The covered goods and bags!

  • kayleigh larkins

    most excited to win the wrap for my sister due this weekend!

  • Rachel

    I want the Solly Baby Wrap!

  • Shyla Yade

    Due in 2 and 1/2 weeks. Great give away!

  • Tara C.

    O my heavens this is all dreamy!! It would be such a blessing to win this!

  • Angela


  • Shyla Yade

    Excited to win the Solly wrap

  • Kimberly

    I would love the nursing cover. I’ve been wanting one for a a while!

  • Mykel C

    Most excited to win the 4mom mamaroo!

  • Tiffany

    I want the mama roo seat!!

  • Duana Gourley

    Um… A mamaroo?! That would be amazing to win!

  • Britt havens

    For sure most excited for the mamaroo and the solly wrap!!

  • Ashley

    Solly baby wrap and the rock a roo!!

  • Sister Tessy

    Winning the solly wrap would make this mama smile!

  • Would love all of these amazing goodies!

  • Monique Hartgrave

    So amazing! I would love to win and totally use everything! Huge fan! I am a baby wearer and my daughter had hip dysplasia so I would love the weap as its perfect for her condition.

  • Lacey R.

    I would love the covered goods nursing cover so much!!

  • Jess

    I’m most excited to win the Mamaroo!!!

  • Britni Peña

    I am excited to win it all but definitely the mamaroo and the covered goods cover!!

  • Layne Charlot


  • Allison Munns

    I am pregnant with our first baby after a four year stretch of infertility and heartache. We are beyond excited to welcome this miracle into our home and would LOVE all of these items to help us out with being first time parents. I think I am most excited about the solly wrap as I have a bad back.

  • Jenny Stalker

    I would be most excited to win the Covered Goods nursing cover! 🙂

  • Meg

    I’d LOVE the mamaroo or solly wrap! Everything is great!!

  • Sarah

    I’d love to win the Covered goods! And the monitor!

  • Sebastiane House

    I’d love to win it all!

  • megan

    I would survive my first time being a mom with all this fun stuff!!

  • Elli jensen

    I’m most exited about the mamaroo!

  • Christine

    That baby wrap looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to be a baby wearer!

  • Simone

    Solly wrap!

  • Erica

    I would love to win this awesome collection!

  • Jenni

    I’m most excited to win the Boppy Diaper bag, it’s so cute!

  • clarissa crockett

    This would be absolutely amazing. I have been following many of the shops on IG and just waiting for the money to purchase the items for my baby that’s due in 15 weeks. I’m bummed I can’t earn more points because I don’t have twitter. Please oh please this would be a blessing for me and my little family!!

  • Anel Winney

    I would love the mamaroo!! Thank you!

  • Meagan Moffett

    I’d be most excited to win the MamaRoo.

  • Kristina Marie

    This is by far the best baby Giveaway I have seen yet!

  • Anne Perez

    Love all of these products!! Especially the momaroo!

  • Kate K

    As a first time parent this is such a helpful article! I would love to win these awesome products!

  • Joyce santiago

    Everything. Every little item is something I have on my list. Would love to win this amazing gifts!

  • Sara S.

    Honestly, it would be more than one! Covered goods, Solly Baby and the MamaRoo!

  • Kailee Fitch

    This is my third boy on the way! What amazing products and I don’t have any of them!!!!

  • Lex AndJordan Pierson

    I love everything but I’m extra excited over that mamaroo!

  • Jennifer f

    solly baby wrap and mamaroo for sure!!

  • kelli

    My first baby is due to arrive in June. All of these products look amazing!!

  • Kellse

    I would love to have the mamaroo or covered goods!

  • Tori Kroll

    I would love to win the Mamaroo! I didn’t have one with my first baby – but I hear it’s amazing!

  • Jess

    I love the sollybaby wraps and bottle maker!

  • Martao

    MamaRoo. .. that looks so awesome

  • Jessica

    I would love the Solly Baby Wrap!!!

  • Suzanne k

    I’m most excited to win the covered goods!

  • Fabi Escobar

    Oh my, I’d love to win anything and everything, the video monitor would be soooo helpful!

  • Diane

    Would love to win all of these!! Especially the mamaroo and Solly wrap!

  • Stephanie Sangatanan

    The mamaroo

  • Jean Quinn

    Everything!! The solly, the Ollie, the 4moms.. Yeah, all of it!

  • Katie

    Oh how the Solly Baby wrap would come in handy.

  • Crystal Morgan

    I am most excited about the Solly wrap. With baby #2 on the way I think it will be essential to getting things done!

  • Kolbi tervort

    I would love the covered goods!

  • Kim B.

    Winning any of these would be a blessing. They are all awesome! I especially love the soft wrap and the Solly Wrap, the 4moms mamaro, and tbe covered goods! Great stuff 🙂

  • Bethany H

    The mamaroo would be amazing!!

  • Mariah N Cody Martin

    Mamaroo would be amazing to win!!!

  • Colette Costley Mecham

    I need all of these but would love the mamaroo

  • Jperez

    This giveaway is awesome I didn’t even know they had invented a formula maker/dispenser thingamagig!!!! I love that

  • Maren

    The MamaRoo looks really cool. Everything looks awesome!

  • kiki119

    I love solly wraps!

  • Amy Stephens

    All of the products look awesome but I would especially love the mamaroo!

  • JaNae Millet

    Ooh! Such cool products, I love them all

  • Mlecroy

    The Ollie swaddler!

  • Nora Joy Collogan

    I love them all!!! But I would love to win the mamaroo. My daughter has pretty much worn outs out we used it to death.

  • Courtni C.

    Love the solly baby wrap, but I would probably have to say the mamaroo!

  • Gina Anderson

    I would love to win the covered goods nursing cover!!

  • Olivia

    The mamaroo!! But seriously would love all of it! 🙂

  • kenny hall

    The Solly Wrap!!

  • Abbey

    I love the covered goods nursing covers!

  • Vanessa

    I can’t choose I love them all but if I absolutely had to choose I could really use the vacationer I would be seriously so lucky to win this

  • Sara

    What an awesome giveaway!!

  • Ashley Cross

    What a great giveaway!! I’d really love to try the Ollie Swaddle!

  • Kelsey

    The mama roo!

  • Hayley

    Would love to try the Mamaroo with my boy!

  • Kelsey

    There’s nothing in this give away that I don’t love!! I’d love all of these for my baby on the way!

  • Bri Ureña

    Best giveaway ever! The Motorola Baby Monitor! ! ♡♡

  • Laura Miller

    Covered goods!!

  • Jordan Graham

    This giveaway is beyond amazing! It is hard to choose a favorite, but my tie would have to be between the Mamaroo and the Solly Wrap. It would so great to win all of this for my sweet babe due in a few months!

  • Krista Kershaw

    Mamaroo & Covered Goods!! Love it all

  • Kelsi strong

    I’m excited for the covered goods and mama roo! I’ve been wanting them both for so long!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lisa

    Amazing! Love it all.

  • Madison Roe Kuresa

    The Mama Roo is adorable! I have heard nothing but positive things about it! Everything else also looks just as amazing!

  • Love it all! I’ve had my eye on the mama roo and would also love the monitor!

  • Ashley Mason

    There is nothing here that doesn’t look amazing!

  • Jennifer

    Covered goods! I have been patiently waiting for their new pattern releases so I can get one. I am in L

  • Kristine

    That mama too is awesome!

  • Katie Landrum

    I’m excited the mamaroo!!

  • Sarah Hayes

    the mama roo and the Cinda B ‘Vacationer’ Bag both look amazing

  • Mary Murray

    I can’t wait to use the covered goods wrap!

  • Cindy Cover

    Everything here looks great! Love it all!

  • Natalie

    The foot sizer (such a simple but amazing idea), mamaroo (of course who wouldn’t want one) and the monitor….my husband talks about getting a video monitor all the time! I have a covered goods but would love another…or to give it away to a deserving friend!!! Awesome =)

  • Brek N Abbie Tolman

    Amazing!! I would love every single one of these!

  • Bethany Herron

    Tons of good stuff for a first time mommy 🙂

  • Such great stuff! I’m most excited about the video monitor! We have one for our first child and it is amazing!

  • Rachel Hunt

    I love those Solly Baby wraps. They are gold.

  • kim

    the monitor!


    The mammoroo and foot sizer would be amazing!

  • Brianna Vander Vorst

    This would be AMAZING to win!

  • Samm Castro

    This is so awesome! Love all your must haves!

  • Kelley R.

    Would love to win all of these! Especially the MamaRoo and Solly Baby Wrap

  • Lisa Kuykendall Crowther

    I have been coveting a silly baby and covered goods nursing scarf

  • Joanna Wilde

    Baby monitor, mama too, and the covered goods nursing wrap!

  • Nicole Cozza

    I am most excited about the mamaroo!!!!

  • Kara

    Love it all, but have definitely been looking at the covered goods scarf lately!

  • Lesley cutchens

    It’s between the mamaRoo and the Ollie wrap. I’ve heard so many great things about both!

  • Rebecca Nakamura

    The Solly wrap would be so helpful!

  • Meghan Krueger

    Oh my stars, these are ALL the items I have been eyeing for Baby K! Can I pick just one?! I’m the most excited about a MamaRoo! No wait, the Solly baby wrap… I want my little close to me. 🙂

  • Leanna

    I’d love the covergoods cover and solly baby wrap!!!

  • Katie H.

    I love the mamaroo and the wrap!

  • Amy

    I love it all!! Have heard so many good thing about the solly wrap!

  • JoySutton

    I have been wanting a solly wrap, they are so chic!

  • lisa

    Such great items! 🙂

  • Tracy Davis

    Covered goods and solly!

  • Ashleigh Henning

    Would love to win!!!

  • Amy Dillard

    Mamaroo and the Ollie swaddle!

  • angela lazo

    I would love the Baby Brezza Formula Pro

  • terepast24

    Covered goods and 4moms mamaroo!!


  • ashlee deschamps

    1st baby due in a month, I would live to win of course ☺️. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • ashlee deschamps

    Oh and I’m most excited to win the solly baby wrap!

  • Tracy

    i think I’d be most excited for the solly baby wrap!!

  • Jackie Gee

    I’m most excited for the 4moms Mamaroo!

  • Elizabeth T

    These are all amazing! I’d love the covered goods and mamaroo!!

  • Heather T

    I’m most excited about it ALL!!! Such great stuff! If I had to narrow it down I’d say the solly wrap or covered goods.

  • Kami

    All of it! After 4 years we are finally pregnant! My youngest is 8 so we have gotten rid of everything and have to start fresh!

  • Kat Perry

    Awesome! I am expecting baby number 2 this summer and the solly baby wrap is on my list of things I need this time around!

  • Megan

    I’m due in July with our first baby. I would LOVE to win!!! I’ve had my eye on the covered goods and solly wrap for a while. Please oh please pick me!!

  • Maygen Jenkins

    I’m due in August. Would love a mamaroo and a diaper bag!

  • nicole summers

    I’m stoked about all the products in the giveaway, I especially love Covered Goods. I love the concept

  • Lauren G

    Most excited for the solly baby wrap!!

  • Elizabeth Wood

    The mamaroo!!!

  • Sunshine

    I NEED the covered goods!! Lol. And I love their clever name for if

  • Kristi

    All of these items look awesome and so useful! I would love a mamaroo

  • Meagan Evans

    Hardest question ever but I have always always wanted a cover from covered goods and a mommaroo!

  • Brittan

    These are ALL awesome! I’ve been eyeballing the mamaroo, solly baby wrap, and covered goods for a while now that baby number has shown up!

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