DIY Sugar Rose Petals for Valentine’s Day

This is the perfect DIY to dress up any Valentine’s treats your baking up (or buying ;). The ladies of Gathered created these Sugar Rose Petals on our lifestyle blog today to make a cake for the holiday all the more festive and pretty! See how easy these petals are to make and surprise your loved ones with such an elegant and romantic display. You’ll be sprinkling these beauties everywhere whether you’re entertaining or having a quiet night in. And instead of wilting these rose petals with shimmer with sugary goodness!



Egg Whites
Small Paintbrush
Granulated Sugar



Remove the petals from the roses and place them aside. Take each petal delicately in your hand. Utilizing a small paintbrush, brush a small amount of egg whites (preferably pasteurized) on one side of the petal. Lightly sprinkle granulated white sugar over the petal until it is evenly covered, then turn the petal over and repeat the process on the other side. Place finished petals on wax paper and let dry over night. The petals will be ready for use the following day. Use to delicately dress up your cakes and cupcakes.

Note: we recommend finding organic, pesticide-free flowers to insure they are free of any harmful chemicals.


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Photographer:  Melanie Gabrielle Photography
Styling and Recipe: Gathered
DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Silk and Willow
Cake Stand: Anthropologie



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