Christmas Party DIY Drink Stirrers

Looking to add a special touch to your Christmas party cocktails? These DIY Drink Stirrers are a fun little frill to pop into a glass of champagne, or whatever festive drink your passing around! And don’t worry, these tassel stirrers are easy enough to pull together before this weekend’s soiree! We bet you’ll even be able to make enough to even stick them in a cake or dessert display too! Not throwing a holiday bash? Switch out the red and green tassels for gold and silver and make these for New Year’s Eve! Or, use red and white striped Washi tape instead of silver to make these even merrier!  The options are endless for really any party theme!  Get more ideas on how to use these festive drink stirrers from Momtastic! Follow these simple steps to create these stirrers and watch the video for a little extra help!

What You Need: 

Long Skewer Sticks (if you have shorter glasses feel free to cut these!)

Red & Green Craft Paint & Paint Brush

Washi Tape (we had silver and gold but choose your favorite!)

Mini Tassels (leftover from our Tassels and Tastemakers Party)



DIY Christmas Party Drink Stirrers


1. Paint the top portion of the sticks with red or green paint and let dry.



DIY Christmas Party Drink Stirrers DIY Christmas Party Drink Stirrers

2. Wrap a piece of washi tape (in whatever color you choose) around the top of the stick. Leave a sliver of the stirrer visible at the top and use enough tape so you have a tail left over.


DIY Christmas Party Drink Stirrers

3. String a short piece of string through the whole at the top of your tassel. Then, lay both ends of the string together on the tape and wrap the tail of the tape around the stirrer so the stringed tassel stays in place.


DIY Christmas Party Drink Stirrers DIY Christmas Party Drink Stirrers

4. Place your stirrers in your glasses, fill with Champagne, and enjoy!


DIY Christmas Party Drink Stirrers

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