Julie Solomon Host of The Influencer Podcast

If podcasts are your favorite way to pass the time, or if you’re eager to make a space for yourself in the blogging world, listen up! We’re excited to chat with Julie Solomon host of The Influencer Podcast, and total girl boss (just wait until you hear her resume). The prior publicist, media maven, and marketing mastermind knows a thing our two about getting your brand out there. Julie proudly serves bloggers, entrepreneurs, and authors to grow brands into six and seven-figure businesses. So, not only is she sharing her personal story-which you’ll no doubt find inspiring- but also a few tips and tricks for owning your own influence.

Julie Solomon on The Influencer Podcast

You’re a publicist, marketing pro, and podcast host (to name a few!). Where did you start your career?

I started my career in New York City in 2007, I worked for a music PR firm there and really got to dive deep and  learn a lot as I started out in PR. I got to work with a lot of Grammy Award winning acts and it was really an amazing time to learn so much in terms of traditional PR and marketing. After New York, I got the opportunity to work at a publishing house called Thomas Nelson which is now owned by Harpercollins and there, I really got to dive deeper into the PR world a bit more corporately and got to work on a lot of tremendous and phenomenal book campaigns with some of the best selling authors of the last 20 years. From there, I started a PR firm with my partner on the Book PR side, called OMG Publicity, which focuses on book PR.

You wear many hats; from managing the many parts of your business to being a mom. What does your day-to-day routine look like?

When I had my son, I started getting into blogging which, of course, led to what I do now, which is online course creation and influencer marketing strategies for bloggers and influencers. The day to day really depends as it can constantly change, I really do try to set some kind of intention in practice into every morning. I tend to not look at my phone or any computers until 10 A.M. and try to spend the morning getting settled and regrouping with my family. My work hours are 10 to four and that’s when I’m really focused on the computer and getting my work done, I also spend this time to make sure that I’m not on Instagram or any social media platforms as that takes me away from my focus of work. When I wrap my work around 4:00 is when I start to connect more on Instagram.

We’re big fans of ‘The Influencer Podcast’! When and why did you decide to launch this platform?

I launched The Influencer Podcast in 2017 because I was realizing that a lot of my audience were looking for free content that they could absorb on a weekly basis that would help them up level their business and teach them a lot about what it means to have an influence in blogging. Naturally, I love conversations like this. I graduated from College with a major in Journalism and have always loved the interview style of long form media so the podcast was a natural fit for me. It’s something that I would be doing regardless even if I was on airplane or at an event talking to people about these topics, so being able to have this kind of outlet was amazing. When it comes to podcasting, you really do have to love it but you also have to have a certain endurance and resilience to keep it consistent and to keep creating the content. It’s a lot of work but I do love it. Yes, podcasts are definitely the rage right now and I love that.

Podcasts are capturing audiences like never before – how do you differentiate ‘The Influencer Podcast’ from others?

Again, just being a publicist for so long, I do still have a soft spot in my heart for traditional forms of media and I feel like podcasts are really the last frontier when it comes to long form content. The Influencer Podcast, I think, is differentiated not by what I do but really by the amazing community that we have and everyone that listens. They really do soak up the content, take action in their own dreams and share it. They find so many new connections and insights from the amazing guests that we have, so I think that is what differentiates us from others. I really try to not make the podcast about me but instead, about serving those who are listening. It is such an honor and so much fun to chat with some of today’s top influencers and industry elites in the business. Some of my favorite conversations have definitely been with Rachel Hollis … that one hasn’t come out yet but it’s amazing. Marie Forleo was a major one for me personally because she was on of the bucket list guests that I had written down before I started. She’s been a huge inspiration to me, as have Amy Porterfield and Jasmine Star. It’s amazing to call these women friends and mentors now. Amber Lilyestrom’s episode was one that a lot of people loved too.

You get to chat with some of today’s top influencers! What have been some of your favorite conversations?

I loved them all for many different reasons and thought that they had incredible impact. I also know that everyone loved episode 2 which is the conversation I had with Puno, it is all about Instagram growth and strategy. That episode literally went viral during the first month of the podcast launching and still to this date has hundreds of thousands of downloads just on that episode. So it’s safe to say that people really do love that episode LOL.

We’re sure you’ve heard many incredible tips and tricks but is there any piece of business/marketing advice that has really stuck with you?

When it comes to business and marketing advice, the thing that has really stuck with me is something that is somewhat of a consistent answer that I hear a lot from a lot of the guests that I have on the podcast and that is basically that when it comes to growing and sustaining an online business, it is not a get rich kind of thing, it’s also not a one size fits all. As I mentioned before with the podcast, there’s a certain level of endurance and resilience that one must have to be able to stick it out in this industry or any industry for that matter.

So not only do you have to love what you’re doing when it comes to the content you’re creating, but you really have to understand that it’s a marathon and not sprint and if you want to be here a year from now, five years from now, or 10 years from now, you’re going to have to stick with it, test a lot of things out, have a lot of trial and error, and be able to step up to the challenges when they come.

Do you have any dream Interviewees? 

Brené Brown, Julianne Hough (I just think she lives nothing but honest joy!) and Glennon Doyle.

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  1. I love Julie Solomon!! This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to every morning

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