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Mon Amie Bridal Salon

Shop Your Wedding Gown from Mon Amie Bridal Salon

We paid a visit to Mon Amie bridal salon – where racks of wedding dresses create an all white wonderland for brides-to-be. The stylists expertly help brides navigate the Narnia of stunning wedding gowns... [Read More]


18 Ways to Design Your Garden Wedding

There is something enchanting about a garden wedding. Maybe its the vibrant colors of the leaves, or the way the stringed lights glow at night, or maybe its just that fresh floral smell that fills the air.... [Read More]

Berry Colored Wine Country Wedding

Burgundy Wine Country Wedding

Nothing says wine country like the deep burgundy color of a glass of Pinot Noir…and we love Pinot Noir! This wedding is the perfect amount of country and comfort, with red accents that create a dreamy feel. We are... [Read More]

The No Hassle Guide to Renting a Tux

The No Hassle Guide to Renting a Tux

We know you’re heading to at least one wedding this summer – between gifts, travel accommodations, and the outfit, there are a lot of expenses involved. Going to more than one wedding? Oi. Don’t... [Read More]

Newport Beach Wedding

Nautical Newport Beach Yacht Wedding

What takes a nautical theme to a whole new level? Maybe a Newport Beach location? Or, moreso, a yacht venue. This shoot on our wedding blog today is meant to inspire the perfect seaside... [Read More]