Vintage Garden Tea Party Wedding Inspiration

If you could time travel, what era would you go back to? Let us bring you back to the 19th century with this vintage garden tea party wedding editorial. It’s a timeless and romantic setting that takes place just north of Detroit, Michigan. You are brought back in time with the cursive written invitations, personalized tea cups, extravagant tablescape and vintage getaway car. Scroll on to see the different settings throughout this incredible venue!

The Photographer shares,

“The vintage garden tea party wedding was inspired by the extravagance of the tea parties from 19th century parties. Originally, these gatherings were thrown exclusively for the wealthy and elite. They gradually became a social occasion for all that encouraged a focus on food and traditions. It was an era marked by soulful conversation amongst guests and an embrace of small and purposeful details.”

The Photographer shares the details,

“We knew we would need the perfect dress to cohesively unite the editorial while we brought different elements together. This specific selection from Anne-Mariée combined the aesthetics we were looking for. It accentuates the sleek curves of the Hamilton and the grandiose nature of The War Memorial. The dress also pairs well with the intimate ambiance of the dinner party. The bespoke characteristics of the dress allowed for creative expression and a litany of romantic moments between the bride and groom.

Starting with the personalized tea cups upon entry to the venue, guests were transported into a different time period. Whilst guests sipped on their tea, they felt as if they were dining amidst a garden as the flowers organically grew up from the table itself. Instead of making guests leave their seats during the festivities, all of the delicious pastries and and desserts were kept just within reach as the reception table literally flowing with delicious delicacies. Pairing perfectly with the macaroons at each place setting, the sweet smells naturally filled the room, further enhancing the experience for all who entered.”

The Photographer continues with the details,

“To maintain an elegant appearance and embrace the darker tones, we decorated The War Memorial with rich greens and golds. Organically-placed bouquets and florals arrangements brought life and intention to the interior, while the Hamilton was crowned with its own colorful accents. The bride and groom’s floral accents felt united and yet still unique as delicate pops of yellow adorned the white and green palette of the bouquet and boutonniere.

In lieu of only having the “traditional” wedding cake, we desired to create a more personal, intimate experience for guests. With a traditional wedding cake waiting for those who felt drawn to the classics, a mini-dessert experience for each place setting brought character and originality to the table-scape, heightening the experience of the guests. Housed in their own personal “displays” sat macaroons on each plate, beckoning guests to find their favorite flavor and claim their seat for the celebration.

Even the bride and groom’s departure from The War Memorial was marked by timeless elegance. The 1941 Detroit Packard, affectionately named “The Hamilton,” completed the final piece of the editorial’s design. Adorned in florals, the stately vehicle provided a fitting companion for our couple, along with some much needed time cozied in the backseat.”

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