New Year, Same Great You: What Our Team Is Maintaining In 2022

We all know that once the new year comes around everyone suddenly wants to change their lives for the better. Although having healthy goals for the New Year is a productive habit, it’s important to reflect on what you are already doing well. Once the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, your life isn’t going to drastically change. It takes realistic goals and planning to create the ‘2022’ of your dreams. So, on the blog today, we’ve asked our team to share 20 things that they are maintaining in 2022.

This proves that even though it’s the New Year, you are still the same great you.

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01. Writing down what I’m grateful for each morning.

Even taking a little time out of my day to recognize what I have in my life changes my outlook. There is so much to be grateful for, especially on the tougher days.

02. Writing down a daily to-do list in the morning and checking it off throughout my day.

Being able to strike through a task is therapeutic in itself. It makes me feel so motivated throughout the day.

03. Waiting an hour in the morning before checking my social media.

Social media can be a morning motivation killer! Just leaving it for an hour lets me get started on more productive things in the morning.

04. Having social media timers to lessen the hours spent on my phone.

Again, social media has the ability to draw me in all day. Putting a timer really makes me think about how much time I waste on social media a day.

05. Taking daily walks.

Nature can change my whole day. Stepping into fresh air during breaks gives me the little refresher that I need.

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06. Making time to call long-distance friends each month.

Having friends far away can make it hard to keep in contact with them like I should. I have aimed to get really good at calling and checking in. I want them to know I am always there for them.

07. Following a budget, so I can afford the things I love.

Budget, budget, budget! I have found so much more clarity with money once I decided where certain funds should go. It may seem daunting, but it has helped me immensely.

08. Creating a monthly mood board and visualizing my life.

Make your dreams visible! Seeing what you’re aiming towards every day makes it fun. Looks like maintaining in 2022 means a new mood board!

09. Finding time to give back to the community.

Your home in the community can mean so much if you give back to it. Think of all it provides to you, and even those small contributions back can make you feel great.

10. Creating a consistent workout routine with exercises I enjoy.

Working out releases endorphins that can make my day better. The routine and schedule give me a chance to fit it into my day without even thinking about it.

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11. Taking a day out of my week to meal prep & prepare for the week ahead.

Meal prepping allows for me to not get overwhelmed in the day to day. I can have the food already done and just eat without having to go through a long process. It lets me eat well too because I can prep with fresh ingredients.

12. Selling things I don’t use anymore.

Declutter and make some extra cash?! Selling the things I don’t use gives me the chance to only love my stuff. Haven’t worn it all year? It is definitely time to say goodbye.

13. Scheduling in some self care days each month.

For those times when I know I need a break, I schedule a self care day. Whether it be face masks, a pedicure, or even an actual spa day, there are so many ways to give myself time.

14. Rewarding myself when I’ve accomplished both big and small tasks.

My to-do list can be overwhelming, but I recognize now that any completion is worth celebrating. Sure the big tasks may take more time, but I want to feel eager about each win.

15. Being a good listener to my friends & family.

In the past two years, family has become even more essential to my life. Maintaining in 2022 also means making the lives of those around me better as well. Sometimes all someone needs is another person to listen. I actively try to be that person.

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16. Trying a new activity once a month.

I think about how many workout studios, libraries, group activities that I have access to all the time. Trying to go out and embrace a new type of task has made me really think about what I enjoy doing.

17. Not being scared to get outside of my comfort zone.

There has been moments where the choices are between my comfort zone and taking a step out of it. Challenging myself has also given me trust in my abilities. If I don’t believe in myself…who will?

18. Figuring out my priorities and when to say no.

Saying no has got to be one of the hardest parts of setting a grounded routine. I know there are times when eating out or filling a day with another activity would make it too much, so I have tried to become super comfortable with not always being able to do every little thing.

19. Taking time to explore new cities or new places around my area.

There is so much to explore! I have loved getting out into the city and embracing my surroundings. You never know what you are going to find.

20. Learning not to be hard on myself when something doesn’t go as planned and seeing rejection as redirection.

I have learned that lack of knowing what is going to happen does not mean lack of control. A new direction or a step that did not go how I intended is an opportunity to see where I can go instead.

It’s important to be proud of yourself and reward the hard work you’ve accomplished this year. You are already great, and the new year won’t change that. So, we can’t wait to see what you’re maintaining in 2022, and where this new year takes all of you!