The 6 Wellness Must-Haves That Change the Travel Game

We recently read a stat that 80% of U.S. residents will be traveling this summer. This came as no surprise given we’ve all been postponing our travel plans for a couple of years now! There are SO many perks to traveling, no matter how near or far you are going. However, the change of routine can sometimes have us feeling like we’re out of alignment. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite wellness must-haves that we don’t leave home without, and that has truly aided us in feeling our best while on the go! 

Image via @taramilktea

Silk Hair Tie

There’s been a large handful of times where we’re forced to get off the plane and head out somewhere with no time to swing into the hotel to freshen up. Queue: silk hair ties. These allow you to fully do your hair pre-flight, tie your hair back during the flight, and let it down looking as perfectly put together as it did when you put it up. A win-win, these cause far less damage than your classic hair elastic.

Cadence Vitamin Holders

Image via @keepyourcadence

We’ve been known to sort out our vitamins + supplements by day into little individual baggies, and then stuff all of those into a larger baggie. However, we always knew there had to be a better (and more chic) way to store these. Insert: the Cadence Capsules. You’re able to build your own system based on your needs and select from their wide range of modern colors + labels. The extra perk is that these can be used to store creams and gels. It really serves as an all-in-one toiletry system! 

Electrolyte Sticks

Are we the only ones that feel like plain water just gets old after a while? In addition to adding a bit of flavor to your standard water (which in turn causes us to drink MORE water), we highly recommend packing and adding electrolyte sticks or packets into your daily rotation while traveling. This aids in extra hydration, which we all know is depleted while traveling. 

Bala Bangles

Image via @bala

Whether your place of destination has a gym as an added amenity or not, we’ve found bringing our Bala hand weights with us is always a must. They add just the perfect amount of comfortable resistance to your 15-minute hotel room workout, morning walk to coffee, or studio class. They also fold up nice and flat for easy packing! 

Antibacterial Wipes

This one may be a given and already included in your purse at all times. However, it’s important to include not only for use on public transportation, airplanes, busses, etc. but the wipes allow for an easy way to clean up (and become germ-free) while out to eat, visiting museums, riding bikes through the city, etc. 

Greens Powder

Image via @better_daysco

When on the go and exploring new places and cities, you may not know what the day holds as far as food and beverage choices. While that’s one of the most fun parts about traveling, we always try to start our day with some sort of fruit and/or vegetable. So, we know we’re getting it in when we can! Greens powders and packets (like Athletic Greens) allow us to conveniently make the right choices! You can also typically buy travel packs of any greens powder at your local health food store.