Beginner Pilates Moves to Try at Home

Pilates is one of those workouts that reaps all sorts of benefits… if you’re doing it right! If you have a favorite studio and can make it to classes throughout the week, more power to you. But we know it can often be difficult to afford the time or cost for workout classes, so we asked Speir Pilates instructor, Jenifer DelPozo, if she could teach us some moves you can take home with you! Here, she demonstrates a few beginner pilates moves to try at home when you can’t hit the studio.
Jenifer says, “Starting Pilates can be a bit intimidating, and starting a Pilates practice at home can be tricky.  These 7 exercises will keep things simple, yet challenging and get your Pilates started with a punch!”

1. The Hundred Prep:  Start lying down with legs at table top (knees in line with the hips and ankles in line with the knees) and the arms straight up to the sky.
1. Curl the head and chest up as the arms reach towards the hips.
2. Lower the head and chest back down as the arms reach back up towards the sky.
Repeat 10 times

2. Half Roll Back: 
 Start seated with feet flat onto the floor, legs hip width apart, and arms holding underneath the thighs.
1. Round back towards the floor until the arms are straight, keeping the tailbone tucked.
2. Round back up keeping the tailbone tucked under until you are back at the top of the exercise.

Repeat 10 times

3. Slip of the Hands: Start seated with feet flat onto the floor, legs hip width apart, and forearms resting on the mat.

1. Tuck the tailbone slightly underneath the body to engage the core.
2. Reach hands to the thing bones without moving the upper body.
3.  Return hands back to the starting position

Repeat 10 times

4. Swan: Start lying onto stomach with palm over palm and the forehead resting on the hands.
1.  Keep the hands glued to the forehead and life the head and chest off of the mat, reaching the chest off of the floor.
2. Lower the head and chest back down to the floor.
Repeat 5 times

5. Shoulder Bridge:  Start lying down, feet flat onto the floor and ip width apart.
1.  Life the hips off of the floor, keeping the hips up but the shoulder blades still on the floor.
2.  Reach the right leg up to the sky.
3. Lower the right leg just to meet the left knee.
4. Lift the right leg back up to the ceiling.

Repeat 8 times then switch to the left side.

6. Teaser Prep: Start lying down, feet flat onto the floor and ip width apart.
1. Lengthen the right leg to meet the left knee and reach the arms to same the angle as the thigh bones.
2.  Slowly round the spine off of the mat to right behind the tailbone.
3.  Lower back down to the tips of the shoulder blades.

Repeat 3 times then switch to the left side.

7. Pilates Push Ups:  Start on hands and knees with the hips at a diagonal so you are in a mini plank position.  Hands are right underneath the shoulders, elbows are hugging in.
1.  Bend the elbows towards the rib cage lowering the body towards the mat.
2. Press back up to starting position.
Repeat 10 times

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