How to Get Great Arms for Summer

We’re all about making fitness accessible. So, when we found out about Handstand, an app for at home personal training, we knew we were onto something. The trainers are all certified professionals so we thought they would be a great resource to create some quick routines you can also do on your own. Like we said, we are all about easily accessible workouts (no excuses!). Here, Handstand Trainer, Karyl Sands tells us how to get great arms for summer. Bring on those sleeveless tops!

Here’s what she has to say:

It’s that time of year where we are getting ready to spend more time in the sun, at the beach, pool parties, and showing off those arms. Are you ready for summer? Sometimes, we tend to only focus on a couple body parts that we want to improve and neglect the rest. Arms are a great way to complete that summer body you’ve been wanting. An added benefit to sculpted arms is having a strong upper body to help with everyday movement.

I will first say that nutrition will play a HUGE role in achieving those summer arms and allow everyone to see what you have sculpted. Here is a workout that is designed to lean out and develop stronger arms.

How To:

This workout will have a combination exercises that will have Supersets and Time Over Tensions.
Supersets are 2-3 workouts in a row without rest. This allows for muscle development and fatigue while increasing heart rate which means more calorie burn.
Time Over Tensions exercises help strengthen and shape our body. Sure, you can do it fast, but can you slow it down? The weight doesn’t matter in the exercise but the speed does. This is designed to give you the maximum results in a shorter amount of time.

What You Need:

Thera-Band – light, medium, or heavy
Set of dumbbells (DB) ranging from 5-8lb
Long band with or without handles


Superset 4 Rounds 12-15 reps

Banded Bicep Curls and Tricep extension

1. Use a Thera-Band and place around the hands between thumbs. Keep elbows back and at your side. Do an alternating bicep curl and tricep extension at the same time.

2. One hand goes up as the other goes down.

21’s Bicep Curls (Bands or DB)

1. Place one foot in the middle of the band. Hold handles and keep one arm 90 degrees while the opposite arm does a full bicep curl for 7 reps. Switch arms.

2. Repeat this set once. This will equal 21 reps.

Hammer Curl (Slow up – 3 counts / 1 count down)(Band or DB)

1. This bicep curl is down with the thumbs pointing to the sky. Keep elbows back and by your side. Count to 3 slowly as you curl up and count to 1 as you bring your hands all the way down.


DB Row/Tricep Kickback

1. Stand in a split stance and hinge at your hips (not your back). Keep back straight. Start with the DB down with a straight arm. Row the arms up (elbows to the sky) squeeze your shoulder blades together and as you keep your elbows up, extend your arms straight behind you.

2. For an extra tricep contraction add a small twist (palms face the sky). Bend elbows back to a row position and lower straight arm to the floor. Repeat

Overhead Tricep Extension (with DB)(1 count down/ 3 counts up)

1. Place hands overhead with Dumbbells. Bend your arm and bring hands behind the head. Keep elbows pointing to the sky and close to your ears. Count to 1 coming down and count to 3 slowly coming up.

Tricep pushups (3 counts down/1 count up) (on bench or chair)

1. Use a bench, or chair and place hands on the edge while you point your elbows to the back wall. Keep hips a little high and bring your nose and chest down before your hips.

2. Be sure to keep your shoulders over your hands. If you need to do this on the floor, place hands under your shoulders and keep elbows pointing to back wall (they should touch your ribs). Again, bring your chest and nose down before your hips.

3. This can also be done on your knees.


Rear Deltoid Pulses (with long band)

1. Stand with 2 feet on the band and keep them close. Hinge at your hips so your chest is slightly facing the floor. Bring hands behind your hips with palms or pinky finger facing the sky. Bring arms as high as you can and move no more than 1-2 inches.

2. Keep pulsing and arms straight.

Alternating Front raise – Side Lateral Raise (with long band)

1. Place 1-2 feet in the middle of the band. With straight arms, bring them in front of you to parallel to the floor. From there, bring the arms to your side into a “T” position. Then lower down to your side. Then come back up to a “T” position and bring your arms back in front of you and lower down in front of your legs.

2. That would be just 1 rep. Keep repeating the alternating position.


Pushups 10 x +4 extra (3 counts down/3 counts up)

1. Do pushups with wide arm. Your elbows should be a 90 degrees when you lower to the floor. Do 8-10 regular pushups. Add 4 more slow at the end. Count slowly down 3 and back up to 3.

2. This will give you that final fatigue to build up the upper body.

By doing this workout 2x/week, you will be able to sculpt and lean those arms to show off this summer. Show off those sexy arms!

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