Things You Didn’t Know You Could Use Essential Oils For

What are essential oils? If you have been following along with our posts (& slight obsession) on essential oils for the office and helping you feel better, then you know a little bit about them. If not, we are happy to debrief you on what they are and what they are good for! Today in particular, we are highlighting the things you didn’t know you could use essential oils for.

To start, essential oils are simple pure extract from plants & herbs. Yes, they are totally natural (if you get them from the right source!). We use DoTerra because they are one of the only brands out there that are totally pure. This means no additives. Here, we are focusing on a few oils that come from commonht herbs & spices you will recognize. This may even open your eyes to how these everyday herbs and spices are good for you! Whether you are a novice or an expert in essential oils, hopefully you will learn something new.

Wild Orange
Good for: Anti-aging, antidepressant, antioxidant, antiseptic.
Bonus: Breathing this oil in via a diffuser can also serve as a better pick-me-up than that second cup of coffee!

Good for: Antibacterial & antifungal, bee stings & bug bites, Fatigue, Muscle relaxant.

Good for: Antioxidant, fungal infections, highly antibacterial, help with skin problems such as Eczema, Psoriasis, & Dermatitis.

Good for: Antibacterial, help with anxiety, detoxing, promotes clear skin.

Good for: Hangovers (yes!), improve memory, stain removal, relieve muscle aches & pains.

Good for: Antidepressant, cavities, help with immune system.

Good for: Antibacterial, cleaning agent, elevates mood, helps revitalize skin.
Bonus: you can even put a couple drops in your margarita!

Good for: Antibacterial, indigestion, headaches, weight loss stimulant.

Good for: Cleanses & purifies, improves digestion, gallbladder and kidney stones, promotes weight loss.
Bonus: Lemon oil can even help with greasy hair!

Black Pepper
Good for: Digestion, reduces the urge to smoke, soothes anxiety, supports circulation.

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