Boxing Moves You Can Do On Your Own

If you have never tried boxing or already love it, but wish it was a more accessible workout, you will love these easy to learn boxing moves you can do on your own. We have been working with Handstand to bring you these workouts, (see how to get great arms for summer). When you have finished this one, know you can continue to access their trainers for your own at home workouts with the swipe of your finger right on the app. Here, Handstand Trainer, Brianna R. leads us through a fun & just-tough-enough boxing workout that requires no equipment. So hop to it! 

I hear questions involving boxing all the time as a personal trainer.

1. How is boxing a good workout?
2. What does boxing work out the most?
3. Can I lose weight boxing?

Here are my answers…

1. Boxing is a great workout that can decrease your stress levels, improve your body composition, give you better hand eye coordination skills, and keep your heart healthy.

2. Boxing gives your arms the best work out. You’re using all your upper arm muscles while you box so for example your triceps are helping your deltoids throw the punches or what boxers call the jab and cross. Your biceps are stabilizing your arm during the hooks and aid in retracting the arms quickly after all your punches.

3. Given that boxing is a total body workout it gives you calorie burning and strength training all in one. Because of the constant moving you’ll be doing, your heart rate will rev up, which is key in weight loss goals. And because boxing depends on an engaged core, upper, and lower body muscles, you’ll be giving your body is best chance at weight loss.

Want to feel that boxer burn more? Repeat this circuit as many times as you can.

Jump Rope (2 min)

Real or imaginary, warm-up the body with this boxer’s cardio go-to exercise. Stay light on your toes. Switch it up with double and single jumps, shuffles, in-and-out, criss cross and other freestyle moves you can do with your jump rope to keep you moving.

High-Low Jab Cross (15 reps)

Stand with left foot forward, right foot back (boxer’s stance). Bring fists up to protect face (guard position). Punch left fist forward to head level (jab), bring back to face, punch right fist forward to head level (cross), bring back to face. Change body levels by bending knees in a squat position, using the same punch sequence as above (jab-cross), but now at body level. Return back up. Repeat movement: jab-cross to the head, jab-cross to the body.

The Ultimate Kickboxer (12 reps each)

(1) Jab-Cross-Jab-Right Push Kick: Start in boxer’s stance with hands in guard position. Perform a left jab, right cross, left jab. With hands at guard position, center weight on front left leg, raise right knee up and kick out with hip extending out (push kick), bring back to boxer’s stance. Repeat.

(2) Hook-Cross-Left Push Kick: Start in boxer’s stance with hands in guard position. Perform left hook (bring arm to 90º angle with thumb facing up, pivoting left foot and twisting left hip towards the inside), right cross. With hands at guard position, center weight on back right foot, raise left knee up and kick out wit hip extending out (left push kick), bring back to boxer’s stance. Repeat.

Jab-Jab-Cross Sprawl (12 reps)

Starting in boxer’s stance with hands in guard position, throw a left jab-left jab-right cross combo. From here, lower down into a squat to place hands out on the floor, jump feet back to plank position. Drop the hips down towards the floor (sorta like cobra), bring them back up to plank, jump feet back towards the hands and rise up into boxer’s stance. Repeat.

Jab Twist (30 sec)

In a seated v-sit position with knees bent, keep your back flat and core engaged; then bring hands up to face in guard position. As you twist left using your torso to rotate, jab out with right hand, return to guard. Twist towards the right and jab out with left hand, return to guard. Repeat this movement keeping good core alignment.

Want to challenge yourself? Add in 2-5 pound dumbbells in each hand for increased difficulty!

Remember to listen to your body and to go at your own pace when learning the right form for beginners!

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