Beauty Essentials You Need In Your Gym Bag

If there’s one trick of the trade we all know when it comes to health it is preparedness. Whether that be Sunday night meal prepping, packing your water bottle in advance, or scheduling out your gym time like any other appointment, being prepared is key. Having a cute gym bag that you love toting around is definitely motivation to get to the gym in the mornings, but having it packed with the all the right beauty products will help you even more! Here are the beauty essentials you need in your gym bag – trust us, we can’t leave the house without them!

Gym Bag Beauty

1. Mini Scented Dry Shampoo

It’s no secret that we all use dry shampoo for as many days as we can get away with, but this will be your gym bag’s BFF. Plus, anything mini is always a yes. Choose a dry shampoo that has a feminine scent so you can walk out of your workout smelling good and ready to take on the day!

2. Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup wipes are our go-to if we are getting a workout in after work and want to wipe off our daily makeup before we get our sweat on. However, we also love them post-workout before jumping in the shower. We are big fans of these wipes in particular due to the fact they contain no artificial perfume or dyes and no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin!

3. No Slip Grip Hair Ties

Nothing is worse than running and having your hair tie slip out every 5 seconds. These no slip hair ties live up to their name so be sure to have a handful of them on you at all times.

4. Clarifying Cleanser

Washing your face as soon as possible post-workout is so important. We can’t emphasize this enough! This cleanser is made from glycerin and yogurt and is 100% plant based – score! The packaging is easy to throw in your bag without having to worry about your face wash spilling.

5. Sugar Sport Treatment

Water resistant SPF is a must for outdoor workouts no matter what time of the year it is. This one specifically offers a protective shield against damaging rays and other free radical environmental aggressors, and has cute packaging! 😉

6. Perfume Roll On

No one likes lugging their huge perfume bottles around for a little mid-day or post workout spritz. We’ve become huge fans of roll on perfumes due to how convenient they are. Plus you get to try new scents more often!

7. Tangle Teezer

This cute little accessory painlessly and easily removes tangles. Plus, it has a cover so your brush doesn’t get dirty and is small enough to fit in the pocket of your bag. It comes in a ton of different colors so choose your favorite!

8. Mini Shampoo and Conditioner

For the gym days that you have to run straight to the office afterwards, taking full advantage of the nice locker rooms and showers is essential. Sometimes the shampoo and conditioner they provide just doesn’t cut it so we like to bring our own with us. These mini bottles are convenient and get the job done!

9. Mini Flat Iron

It’s also nice to be able to dry and flat iron your hair afterwards as well. This little flat iron is not only adorable but under $30 and will be easy to pack in your gym bag!

What do you pack with you when you’re gearing up for your workouts?

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