10 Unique Workout Classes in L.A.

LA is full of beautiful people and considered one of the fittest cities in the world! So naturally, tons of unique and awesome new workout classes are popping up everywhere. If you’re not into the traditional gym grind, here’s 10 totally different and unique workout classes to try. Wear this while you’re at it and happy sweating!

10 Unique Workout Classes in L.A. - Inspired by This

Extreme Pilates at Studio MDR  

The IBT girls recently got to check out this studio first hand and we’ll be the first to tell you, it’s hard work! The reformer machines are top of the line and super easy to use – even for us first timers. It’s a total body workout that you’ll be feeling (and reaping the benefits from) for days to come – we can totally see why the regulars keep coming back! First class is only $18.

10 Unique Workout Classes in L.A. - Inspired by This

Flying Tree Pose at AIR

Imagine your typical yoga class…now imagine doing it 5 feet off the ground! One of the coolest classes in LA, aerial yoga at AIR will challenge you in ways you never thought possible and make you feel like your very own circus act! Plus you’ll get an awesome instagram out of it. $30 per class.

Booty Poppin’ 101 at LA Dance Fit 

If you’re not feeling the gym and want to have a little fun, head to LA Dance fit for Cardio Hip Hop! The disco ball, neon lights and blaring jams will make it feel like a night out than a work out. The instructors are amazing and you’ll even get to practice your booty pop! First class is just $10.

Don’t Fall Asleep at Playlist Yoga 

While we love zenning out at a good vinyasa session, this new yoga studio uses upbeat music to energize you while still working on breathing, flexibility and strength that regular yoga provides. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! $25 per class.

10 Unique Workout Classes in L.A. - Inspired by This

Get Your Tan On at Yogaqua 

Living near the ocean, we might as well make the most of it! Yogaqua is a yoga class on a stand up paddle board. Not only will you be working traditional yoga muscles but you’ll have to engage everything so much more to stay balanced on your board. Plus you’ll get an awesome tan while doing it! $30 for their BYOB (bring your own board) class.

10 Unique Workout Classes in L.A. - Inspired by This

Get Buzzed at Platefit 

This revolutionary machine creates a super high impact work out. Your entire class is done on a vibrating plate to keep you muscles engaged and working the whole time! You’ll definitely feel the burn by the end and want to go back again and again! First month unlimited for $99.

You Can Do Anything for A Few Minutes at Orange Theory

This awesome interval workout is popping up all over the country for a reason…it’s addicting! Every class is different so it keeps your body guessing. You’ll do three stations between treadmill, rowing machines and weights. But everything only lasts for a few minutes to burn the most fat and calories possible! $30 per class.

10 Unique Workout Classes in L.A. - Inspired by This

A Day at the Beach at Sandbox Fitness

If traditional workouts hurt your joints, then this is the place for you! Working out in sand is gentle on the joints and super effective. Sandbox Fitness created an entire beach inside their studio to give you the ultimate beach workout…inside! First class is only $10

The Best Kind of Happy Hour with the Electric Flight Crew

While not a class, this membership-based group is an awesome way to work out with like-minded individuals. Each month you get 4 custom designed training sessions and 2 Sunday Funday sessions at partner studios. Plus, after every workout, there’s a “no shower happy hour” at a local bar…we like any workout that ends in drinks! First month of membership is FREE.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough at Rise Nation

This one of a kind class is done entirely on a vertical climbing machine for the ultimate full body workout. And guess what…it’s only 30 minutes! Plus they have an awesome outdoor patio to recover on afterwards. Definitely worth the climb! New members can get a 3 class pack for $30.

Once you’re done breaking a sweat, try out one of these (slightly more fun) summer activities in the city!


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