Vintage Winter Castle Elopement

Picture yourselves walking the snowy streets of the English countryside… and stumbling upon a castle. That is exactly how we feel about this vintage winter castle elopement on our wedding blog today! It’s that kind of romance, you only see in fairytales. No doubt emphasized by the castle setting! To complement the age-old backdrop, the vendors incorporated plenty of vintage details. Additionally, the snow makes it that much more beautiful! As do the red and orange florals that pop against the all white backdrop. Below Elena Zhun shares the inspiration behind the shoot as well as her beautiful photographs of the day.

Olga and Alexander dreamed of a winter wedding: to wake up in frosty morning someday in 1930-1940s era of noble England. To walk on crackling snow around the family manor, slowly have breakfast and spend that wonderful day with their family only.

We chose the ancient castle in English style, where each brick is full of spirit of history, as the place of shooting. The groom arrived to the bride by a retro black Chrystler from 1939. Their brunch passed in manor walls at laconically served table. All flowers were in noble shades of terracotta, caramel, Marsala, mustard and dairy. Each detail was picked with special awe. 

The couple looked like an aristocratic groom and bride of that time. The groom wore a velvet tuxedo, while the bride wore a graceful dress made of natural silk, and a fur cape. The bride’s retro look was ideally emphasized by a headpiece with handmade embroidery.

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