Romantic & Rustic Dusty Blue Wedding Inspiration

We think this rustic dusty blue wedding inspiration has plenty to look at and love for all you brides-to-be. The team of vendors focused their efforts in all the right places (hint: the little things!). Each detail was thoughtfully planned and incorporated into the shoot – down to the bride’s velvet shoes! Our favorite part of this wedding inspiration shoot is it’s air of timelessness. It transcends city, state, and season thanks to a tucked away venue and always appropriate color palette. (Anyone else love the dusty blue hue as much as we do?!) Get ready to be whisked away by it’s romance, whimsy, and above all beauty!


Photographer Becki of Smith House Photo goes into more detail, saying, In our years of wedding photography we have learned one thing: texture is a detail. The perfect textures bring together a design so beautifully simple, that it breathes life and romance into any space. So when a new wedding venue and soon-to-be blooming vineyard, The Vine, opened in New Ulm, Texas with reclaimed wood and a hand-crafted stone fireplace, we new we would be in love.

Houston wedding planner, Samantha of Plan our Day Houston, alongside florist and stylist Maria of Maxit Flower Design, pulled together each detail to speak elegance into the beautifully built barn at The Vine.


A main focal point in the barn is the oversized stone fireplace with reclaimed wood mantle and a thoughtful design that bookends the space. Maria and Samantha envisioned this as a beautiful ceremony-scape. They adorned the space with beautiful styling fabrics and delicate tapered candle sticks in an off-centered design to frame the couple. The final addition to the stone, was a custom designed watercolor crest by Jamie Lewis Artistry. It brought a meaningful detail from the invitation suite into the day of the wedding.

The table scape, situated in front of The Vine’s first batch of wine barrels, mimicked the simplicity yet elegance of the fireplace design. Samantha carried the minimalist greenery garland from the center of the table onto the wine barrels. She paired the texture of the base linen with gold chargers and patterned china for a touch of old-world glamour. Dusty blue napkins brought in the overall palette of the day for the perfect pop of color on each place setting. But of course, the design would not have felt complete without the calligraphed menus. Camel & Birdie and Lynsey Creative collaborated on the design for a touch of modernity.

Of course, our ‘model’ bride and groom were a beautiful detail entirely on their own. This real couple, getting married later this year, exude love in every glance they share. It doesn’t hurt that Sarah has practice in front of the camera as former Ms. Texas, and her hubby-to-be just might be one of the most dapper professional baseball players we have ever met.

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Floral Design
Maxit Flower Design
Watercolor Painting
Jamie Lewis Artistry
Camel & Birdie
Invitation Design
Lynsey Creative
Bride's Dress
China, Table Rentals
A Finer Event
Vintage Rentals, Candlesticks
The Borrowed Flea

2 responses to “Romantic & Rustic Dusty Blue Wedding Inspiration

  1. First part of the review of the Vine is the facilities are over the top! The church, the barrel barn, the cabins and the grounds are fantastic. My daughter and her husband’s wedding was fabulous but the stress of dealing with these owners made our experience with The Vine still keep me wandering how they didn’t push us completely over in already stressful time.

    Upon our first meeting with Jason (very arrogant) we toured the grounds and my daughter was like this is the place (right because you just know) and we were having a wedding of 500 and frankly it was one of the only places within one hour of our home that could house that many people. First inkling on how it was gonna go down with these owners. #1 you MUST use their caterers – no if’s and or buts! I assumed he realized that he knew we wanted the facility and he told us if we gave him the deposit right then that he would throw in the farm tables (850.00 for 3 tables) well we look at the menu for their caterer and I am not even going to post the amount per person because the costs were ridiculous. Of course we didn’t sign that night because we were going back and forth with this caterer who was not even going to budge to get in a realm of what would even be expensive but manageable. We were then told not to let said caterer be a deal breaker and that Jason would ALLOW us to use another of his caterers. Remember the word ALLOW because this will come back later in the experience. Mind you we signed in the next few days but didn’t get the said farm tables because we were going back and forth with this two caterers for several days (only thing holding us up from deposit).

    Caterer is booked, tasting at venue all was great! The Vine’s caterer The Vine’s terms! Okay we are good. Along the way I purchased the farm tables (which were promised if we signed never given) and the lights because of course we want to have every special detail for this special day. Fast-forward 3 weeks before wedding!

    Little did we know the owners and the caterer had a falling out the weekend before our final walk through – people were fired it was a mess. We go for our last walk thru our questions were pushed off as not important. Things were asked and they would say that’s not included in what you paid for – the more I walked around the madder I got. I honestly cannot get over the arrogance that surrounds this couple! Then we go into their conference room and they drop the bomb on us that they don’t feel like the caterer (their caterer) into which they made us go with can handle the wedding and that we need to make decisions to get a last minute caterer. Mind you our caterer has almost 10,000.00 of our monies at that time and the owners were not concerned at all if we received that money back. After processing the whole incident it came down to how bad the venue looks when the caterer doesn’t do a good job. Then the owners spend two days trying to find us another caterer that they wanted us to switch to mind you little than 3 weeks before the wedding. The entire time we are continuing to talk to our caterer (their caterer) and he is telling us he can handle it but knowing that he will NEVER do business with The Vine again. So basically groom’s parents and myself were dragged into this mess because of the dealings between the caterer and the venue. It was so unprofessional and so uncalled for to drop that kind of pressure on the family right before the wedding. Then upset when I said something to them about using their caterer Jason had the nerve to say that he would have been opened to us using anyone. There were 6 people in that room that day and when I took his comment back to them we all came to the agreement that he lied directly to us. Jason and his wife said that he would have back up ice because there was no way to keep 75 cases of beer iced for that many people in short amount of time. There was no ice provided by the vine. There were 3 bathrooms for 500 people. The line got so long at one point that one of the guests walked over to the church to try and use the bathroom there and Christy was shutting the door and said that the line was too long and could she please use the bathroom in the church. At first she was rude to our guest and then changed her mind and let her in.

    Honestly, I would like to just remember the day how beautiful and happy our children were we kept all this away from them and they were really clueless to what we were personally have to do to deal with Jason and Christy.

    My advice to you is remember this couple is the puppet master for one of the most special days of your life and/or your children’s life. Please make sure you can deal with them and maybe along the way they have learned their strict rules can backfire on them. For instance – no can beer and/or no kegs – so think about how hard it is to keep bottled beer cold for 4 hours for 500 people. When you meet them make sure and remember that you are the paying customer and that you should form your own opinion of them. Several people have asked me if I would give them a referral and this has been above has been my answer. Very, very disappointed on our dealings with them. The facility is so beautiful it’s a shame that they are so arrogant that they can’t bring themselves down to a normal person’s level.

    P.S. They are trying to withhold 500.00 from the deposit from wax on the church floor – wax on linoleum wooden floor


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