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Mar 11, 2017

Dusty Blue Lake House Wedding

Get ready to set your eyes on an ultra romantic, super fun, dusty blue lake house wedding on our wedding blog today. The bride’s family lake home provided the perfect setting for the whimsical nuptials. With a retro bus and dockside bridal party photos, the venue keeps with the camp vibes. Our favorite part though? It may be the bride’s stunning gown with an embellished bodice! See all the magic for yourself, right here…

Photographers, Le Cape, Inc. share, When I say that Tony and Bridget had a perfect 8 hour day with us, I’m not exaggerating. I still can’t figure out if it was the way they scheduled their day, or the fact that they were actually on time with the wedding timeline, or if it was the fact that their venue offered a beautiful backdrop for photos all around. Who knows, maybe it was the fact that they were the nicest people in the world, and made us feel so comfortable working with them.

We spent the first 30 minutes taking pictures of the dress, bride getting makeup and hair, bridesmaids gifts, all of that jazz, including pictures of the outside and inside of their beautiful Lake House in Fontana, WI. Then the bride began to get dressed, and we spent some time with her Mom and Sisters. When she was all sat, we had a mini Bridal Session right on her backyard. Granted not every bride has a beautiful Lake House, but hey, I told you this wedding was perfect! 😉 Well, then like nothing, it was time for their vintage bus to pick us up and drove us to meet with the rest of the bridal party at the Municipal Pier.

You have to be kidding me if this first look doesn’t make you want a puppy! Leo, their dog, was involved in the preparation and execution of our wedding literally from the get go. “When I decided I was going to propose to Bridget, not involving Leo in my proposal wasn’t ever considered! I popped the question on a walk with Bridget and Leo – something we do nearly everyday but remains a special time for our little family. It seemed natural, after considering him at each step of the planning, that Leo be involved in our photos as well. For the photos of our first look, I can’t tell who is smiling more – me or Leo! I think the guests got a kick of seeing him with his corsage and bolo tie as well!” – said Tony.

The story continues… weather, perfect! lighting, perfect! Their vows, omg, perfect! Live music, perfect! Big Kiss, perfect! So perfect in fact, that he even dipped his bride during that romantic kiss! (sigh! love, love, love!)

Now, take a look at these decorations. They are also simple, chic and elegant. I love that she didn’t have to spend millions on her decor, and yet she thought of everything. Look at this cute touch of green on each folded napkin. Also, stunning!

Lastly, we asked our groom if he had any piece of advice for other grooms, and this is what he had to say: I suppose, the main thing is to remember to soak it all up! Our wedding day was absolutely amazing, everything we ever dreamed of – but it went by way too fast! Starting with the first look, the schedule and timeline for the day is pretty packed – I kept trying to remind myself to enjoy each moment as much as possible. My second piece of advice is a bit more specific to only those who plan on doing their first look on sand – bring a shoe brush and lint roller!?

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