Fuschia, Tangerine and Cobalt Wedding in Clearwater Florida

We were recently sent this beautiful fuschia, tangerine and cobalt wedding from Garrett Nudd Photography and I instantly fell in love with the vibrant colors! The bright blue Manolos with the pinks and oranges, so fun. Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Sand Pearl Resort in Clearwater, Florida. The bride’s beautiful dress was by Kenneth Pool and the florals were by Botanica. The bride has a history in wedding planning so she did the planning herself! The stunning cake was made by Chocolate PI.

I had the pleasure of meeting Garrett and his wife Joy at Engage 09, who are both incredibly sweet and talented. You can follow Garrett and Joy on twitter!

GN wedding1

Gn Swatch copy

GN wedding0049_garrettnuddOrange and fushia orchidsBridal DetailsGroom details0039_garrettnudd


Orange and fushia reception set up0077_garrettnuddPlaced cards on grass flats0100_garrettnuddGN wedding2


Bride and Groom cutting wedding cake0087_garrettnudd



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