Rainbow Striped Wedding

If you didn’t think you could pull of a vibrant wedding color scheme, this rainbow striped wedding on our blog today will change your mind! The bride designed her perfect day from start to finish incorporating the brightest of brights! The result? A wedding that’s ultra fun, beautiful, and true to the bride and groom! Read on for how she created a tassel covered, black & white striped, sweet infused, special day!
Planning our wedding was some of the most fun Dave and I have ever had (and we’ve been together 14 years, since high-school!). In fact, from the very beginning we had a running mantra, that we would recite anytime we felt stressed, or overwhelmed: “We will have fun. We will be ourselves. It will be awesome.” We did, we were, and it was! We knew we wanted to plan a kick*** party for our guests, and to be very hands on in the planning—both of us are creative, and I knew I’d be happily designing and hand-crafting every detail. 
We found Hidden Pond and fell in love: the earthy yet modern vibe, and the most amazing food we’ve ever tasted, and the sweetest and most supportive staff we could have asked for. From there, we focused on creating a fun party, full of sweet unexpected details, bright colors, and delicious food. Instead of a limo, my ladies and I arrived in a old-school Maine trolley. Dave and I exchanged beautiful vows in the Hidden Pond Gardens, (and he totally recited his from memory— I’m still impressed). Instead of the typical sit-down meal, we had slider and taco stations and all variety of delicious passed goodies, and we shunned the traditional cake in favor of donuts, milkshakes, cotton candy, and caramel corn. Our guests were decked out in Harry Potter and Disney themed tattoos courtesy of our temp tattoo station. (one of my most favorite little details!)
Surrounded by our closest family and friends, we ate and drank all night and danced our butts off, and it was the most amazing, love-filled, fun-filled night we could have asked for.
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Ceremony and Reception Venue: Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport, ME
Coordination at Hidden Pond: Danielle Johnson Walker and Kate Talberg
Signs/Hand-lettering/Paper-goods/Tassle/Decor: All done by the bride, Laini
Caterer: Food is by Earth at Hidden Pond
Dress: David’s Bridal
Ceremony Musician: Adam Payne
Hair: Amber Morin
Photographer: Lindsey Ocker Photography 



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  1. Thank you *so* much for featuring our happy, colorful day! I had so much fun putting all the details together, and Lindsey captured it just perfectly for us— Oh to go back to the spring and those donuts! 🙂

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