Outdoor Engagement Shoot in a Forest

What better way is there to celebrate love than with a playful outdoor engagement shoot?! I love that Hannah and Eddy ventured into the beautiful outdoors  – a lush forest, serene lake and green grass field!  Her lace parasol and blouse, paired with that adorable mustard skirt and dainty gloves are perfection. She has not only one or two, but THREE, fabulous outfits. Hannah makes a quick change into a striped white and red dress with a fun, floppy hat as her and hubby-to-be Eddy lounge by a serene lake. Then, it’s onto a white lace dress and pale blue ribbon for a fun couples picnic. We definitely don’t want to forget about Eddy and his funky skinny ties! The details in this shoot are so much fun, styled by the photographer, Christine Farah, and bride to be Hanna, from a vintage beach cruiser and woven basket to giant toadstools, paper butterflies and streamers. I love all of this shoot!

Be Prepared to be Inspired…


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  1. Ok this is a super cute session but come on…that pup!? I DIE! I think I’m in love!! 😉

  2. I thought this was a little over the top looking through the first couple of shots with the lace parasol, but now I’m a little, okay, A LOT, obsessed with this shoot. The outfits are perfect, the couple is adorable, and the lush outdoors was a perfect spot. @Christine, amazing work!

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