Ocean-Side Bahamas Wedding

Cruising to the Bahamas with your closest friends and family for a vacation is one thing, but being proposed to while on the beautiful islands is another! For Anne and John, this was exactly the case. This ocean-side Bahamas wedding on Harbour Island was captured near the “lone tree,” which is a large piece of driftwood that artfully emerges from the sand, and is considered a landmark of the Bahamas. Between the clear waters, soft sand and delicate pink details, this looks like one heavenly celebration!

So peaceful and serene, this intimate ceremony included only a handful of the couple’s immediate loved ones who were present at the time of the John’s “surprise” proposal!

“John and I have visited Harbour Island for the past 4 Decembers and we have come to find it as our home away from home. He proposed during a surprise, private, Junkanoo parade with our friends and family who were vacationing with us! He had told no one he was proposing and it was a great surprise when he dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.”

Anne had the navigational coordinates of the locations where John proposed to and where they were married… such sweet detailing! Her natural wedding makeup is perfect for the beach and is fresh and flawless.

We absolutely love that Anne’s brother and adorable nephew walked her down the sandy aisle! As they were walking, a rainbow actually emerged in the sky!  She is glowing with so much love and happiness! A beautiful ceremony, the beach, tropical weather, and close friends and family… what more could a bride and groom possibly ask for?

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  1. I shared this- who would have thought my absolute favorite wedding this year would be one of my favorite photographers to work with!♥

  2. I was nervous when I placed the order because I wasn’t sure if it would fit good. I ordered a custom size on June 24, 2011 & on July 15, 2011 I had my dress. It fits perfectly! The details that are in the picture are all on the dress. Nobody can believe h

  3. Love the look of this oceanside deck! I am planning a wedding in The Bahamas and was hoping you would share the venue!

  4. It’s the Corals Sands Hotel in Harbour Island. This reception was at their beach bar. I’m getting married right there this coming December. It’s beautiful! And it has now been extended so you can fit more tables. : )

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