Lush White and Beige Southern California Wedding

Do you remember Christina and Isaiah from one of our favorite engagement shoots? Well today we have their wedding and it definitely does not disappoint! They had their ceremony under the most gorgeous trees and used simple and clean whites and ivories to create a romantic, almost regal feel.  Very Royal Wedding!  I love how the bridesmaids all wore different dresses yet when put together there was a seamlessness to it that looked amazing!  Christina of course looked absolutely gorgeous in her Melissa Sweet ruffled gown and seemed to fit perfectly with the vibe of the venue and decor which I feel is so important!  After the ceremony they moved under a big, beautiful fabric draped tent with crystal chandeliers that are to die for with simple white hydrangeas highlighting each table! You can read about Christina’s inspiration below and then take a look at their breathtaking lush white and beige Southern California wedding:

I saved a thumbnail of a dress back in 2009, not knowing the designer but loving everything about it. Almost 2 years later when I got engaged, I found out the designer of the dress (Melissa Sweet) and ended up buying it immediately. I didn’t have to even think about it! As far as colors, I knew I always wanted to just have shades of ivories and white (my favorite “color” since I was 12 years old). Having chandeliers was always part of my vision, and even though it was an outdoor wedding, I was happy to still be able to have them in the reception tent. Baking is my passion, so it was important for me to be able to have a variety of different cakes, and to at least put my touch on the wedding and make mini cupcakes for the favors/table numbers. Knowing I also wanted churros there, it made it easy for me to settle on having Mexican food. I planned my wedding in 10 months, stayed mostly in budget, ran into practically no problems, and was extremely happy with the outcome. In the end, all I really wanted were my friends, family, and then-fiance and I to have fun, and I think it was successful!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…


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